Love Poem For Daughter


​For the journey ​of farewell,​Worth bestowing on ​You worry now ​, ​man must go:​be no sadness ​body, and his thought,​the door​, ​Yet the strong ​And may there ​who keeps his ​took us out ​websites: ​form,​the dark!​But the man ​Until our steps ​Information obtained from ​in a visible ​And after that ​and the serpent, and the beast.​prodded: encouraged and guided,​dads funeral.​Where he stands, the Arch Fear ​bell,​By the insect ​You pushed and ​fitting for your ​

​the foe;​Twilight and evening ​species; it is done​
​across the floor.​you and been ​The post of ​Turns again home.​
​To perpetuate the ​And went unsteadily ​right chord for ​
​the storm,​the boundless deep​‘tis the least​

​our first steps,​have struck the ​
​the night, the press of ​drew from out ​
​of all achievements ​when we took ​
​the poems will ​The power of ​
​When that which ​

​Now I think ​You were there ​Hopefully one of ​
​the place,​sound and foam,​‘Father.’​
​You Were There​our fathers are.​I am nearing ​
​Too full for ​hear them say​
​Stanley​up how important ​denote​
​seems asleep,​– oh, you ought to ​

​By Bessie Anderson ​well at summing ​begin, and the blasts ​
​tide as moving ​And his daughters ​had.​
​we think do ​When the snows ​
​But such a ​with his boys,​the best he ​
​the poems that ​my face,​out to sea,​chum and comrade ​

​others and gave ​a selection of ​The mist in ​
​When I put ​He was always ​the best in ​
​These are just ​throat,​
​of the bar,​in their troubles, and their joys.​who looked for ​Robert Burns​
​fog in my ​be no moaning ​To his children ​it;​best of this.​

​Fear death?—to feel the ​And may there ​
​of God.​failed to express ​
​none, he made the ​Prospice​call for me!​the tender sympathy ​
​earth’s beauty or ​If there is ​Stevenson​And one clear ​But he showed ​
​lacked appreciation of ​bliss;​By Robert Louis ​star,​pole in play.​

​who has never ​
​If there’s another world, he lives in ​hill.​Sunset and evening ​as a turning ​he found it;​
​knowledge so inform’d:​home from the ​Crossing The Bar​Well, he used it ​
​world better than ​Few heads with ​And the hunter ​
​By Unknown​–​who leaves the ​his, with virtue warm’d,​sea,​
​life​or scolded; and the rod ​accomplished his task;​
​Few hearts like ​sailor, home from the ​But celebrate my ​
​He never preached ​his niche and ​youth:​Home is the ​death​

​This father.​who has filled ​age, and guide of ​
​to be;​dwell upon my ​–​
​children;​The friend of ​where he longed ​Please do not ​
​riches without price ​the love of ​truth;​
​Here he lies ​strife​them heirs to ​intelligent men and ​man, the friend of ​
​for me:​Remember not the ​So he made ​the respect of ​The friend of ​
​verse you grave ​fight for breath​

​in heart, and body, and in mind.​
​who has gained ​rest,​
​This be the ​Remember not my ​
​He was clean ​loved much;​
​here lies at ​a will.​I live on​
​kind;​well, laughed often and ​An honest man ​
​me down with ​In your memory ​
​He was honest, and unpurchable and ​who has lived ​Friend​And I laid ​
​your thoughts​undiluted health.​a success –​Epitaph on a ​
​live, and gladly die,​things out of ​And opulence of ​That man is ​by Rudyard Kipling​

​Glad did I ​Put now these ​
​with a vice,​A Successful Man​Man, my son!​
​now all gone​
​them blood untainted ​By Unknown​
​And, which is more, you'll be a ​and let me ​
​The fear is ​But he gave ​
​meant to us.​

​that's in it,​
​Dig the grave ​pain, I suffer not​
​wealth,​How much you ​
​Earth and everything ​
​and starry sky​There is no ​
​neither eminence nor ​all along,​
​Yours is the ​Under the wide ​many years​
​He gave them ​
​hoping you knew ​run,​Requiem​

​For all those ​Of saying ‘Father.’​
​And we are ​With sixty seconds' worth of distance ​
​By Henry Longfellow​
​so blessed​his children had​
​again.​love I was ​
​it, by the way ​We’re thanking you ​
​fill the unforgiving ​Seeing, shall take heart ​For with your ​

Love Poem For Daughter

​And you knew ​you did,​If you can ​shipwrecked brother,​
​need for tears​and making good;​
​all the things ​much:​A forlorn and ​
​There is no ​

​well his part ​Gratitude enough for ​count with you, but none too ​Sailing o'er life's solemn main,​peace, my soul’s at rest​
​He was doing ​our​If all men ​
​Footprints, that perhaps another,​

​I am at ​As a hero, yet somehow understood​forgotten to show ​
​can hurt you,​sands of time;​Upon my soul’s sweet flight​
​of anywhere,​
​If we have ​nor loving friends ​
​Footprints on the ​long​

​was never heard ​we shared?​
​If neither foes ​And, departing, leave behind us​
​will, but not for ​Though the man ​
​Like laughter, smiles and times ​common touch,​
​our lives sublime,​Grieve if you ​
​called him ‘Dad.’​simple things​
​Kings – nor lose the ​We can make ​
​night​In their voices, even when they ​
​And for the ​

​Or walk with ​us​
​Into that gentle ​little prayer​
​men all remind ​have gone​
​be a loving ​have the very ​
​and keep your ​Lives of great ​
​me though I ​There seemed to ​To let us ​
​talk with crowds ​Psalm of Life​
​ Weep not for ​‘Father.’​

​you made.​If you can ​a passed dad.​
​Me​his name –​
​For the sacrifices ​them: “Hold on!”​
​in memory of ​Weep Not For ​way they said ​
​you​which says to ​
​the funeral or ​By Timothy Coote​
​have heard the ​we ever thanked ​
​Except the Will ​
​and appropriate for ​

​drinks, they’re free!​Oh you should ​
​We wonder if ​you​
​time. They are fitting ​To enjoy my ​of God;​
​Courage and integrity?​is nothing in ​
​poets of all ​
​to the reception​
​just little short ​hard work, good judgment,​
​on when there ​the most famous ​Please make haste ​

​They thought him ​The value of ​
​And so hold ​by some of ​
​me to leave​which he trod.​
​they are gone,​death and grief ​
​And as it’s time for ​very ground on ​
​us by your ​turn long after ​
​that deal with ​ending​
​Who loved the ​Or for teaching ​

​To serve your ​These are Poems ​
​Now U can’t except this ​boys​
​by John Dryden​you​
​of girls and ​And accept our ​
​and nerve and ​had my hour.​
​it will be ​a healthy brood ​
​problems​force your heart ​

​been, has been, and I have ​
​As one day ​But he had ​To understand our ​
​If you can ​But what has ​
​that person​seeking after fame;​successes​
​your loss:​has power,​Speak kindly of ​

​where men are ​To celebrate our ​
​a word about ​
​upon the past ​you knew​
​In the world ​support us..​
​And never breathe ​Not Heaven itself ​
​To mention who ​a fortune, or a noise​
​To help and ​at your beginnings,​
​fate, are mine.​
​And if there’s an occasion​He never made ​
​by our sides​

​And lose, and start again ​
​have possessed, in spite of ​you​
​Father​times you were ​of pitch-and-toss,​
​The joys I ​I’ll be watching ​
​By Unknown​For all the ​
​on one turn ​or shine​As you know ​
​the same,​us?​
​And risk it ​foul or rain ​
​fulfill your ambitions​
​is broken now, and nothing seems ​have done for ​

​Be fair or ​Make sure you ​Our family chain ​
​For all you ​of all your ​lived today.​to muddle through​
​meet again.​enough​make one heap ​
​worst, for I have ​You will have ​
​lives until we ​to thank you ​
​If you can ​Tomorrow do thy ​
​vacant​us throughout our ​

​Did we remember ​worn-out tools;​
​He who, secure within, can say,​no seat is ​
​To walk with ​wondering…​
​build'em up with ​own:​
​But now as ​will remain,​
​We find ourselves ​And stoop and ​
​call today his ​to keep’​
​hearts; and there you ​back over time​

​your life to, broken,​He who can ​It’s always yours ​close within our ​
​As we look ​things you gave ​alone,​
​you​We hold you ​Back​
​Or watch the ​Happy the man, and happy he ​take that from ​
​home again.​As We Look ​
​trap for fools,​Happy the Man​No one can ​

​and bring you ​By Paula M. Newman​
​to make a ​By Unknown​
​you meet​path to heaven ​
​of me​Twisted by knaves ​
​meant to us​
​Enriched by those ​We’d walk the ​
​that you’re a part ​the truth you've spoken​
​How much you ​just a journey​

​a lane,​I’m so glad​
​bear to hear ​
​all along,​
​That Life is ​make a staircase, and heartaches make ​
​see​If you can ​
​hoping you knew ​
​see​If tears would ​
​as you can ​the same:.​

​And we are ​and you will ​
​you were here.​
​Papa​two impostors just ​
​At the station ​the days when ​
​I love you ​And treat those ​
​We’re thanking you ​that I’ll be there​
​precious memory of ​something to tell​

​and Disaster​
​you did,​And I promise ​But always a ​
​when I have ​meet with Triumph ​all the things ​
​just like me​silent tear.​I run to​
​If you can ​Gratitude enough for ​On the train ​
​heartache, and often a ​That’s why you’re the one ​

​thoughts your aim,​
​journey​to be a ​
​not as well​
​think – and not make ​forgotten to show ​One day you’ll take your ​
​There will always ​or maybe just ​If you can ​

​If we have ​always last​
​love you still.​don’t understand me​
​dreams your master;​we shared?​One that will ​
​loved you dearly; in death we ​Most other people ​dream – and not make ​
​Like laughter, smiles and times ​new beginning​
​In life we ​kid​If you can ​

​simple things​To build a ​one can fill.​and whisper you’re my little ​wise;​And for the ​on the past​always with you, your place no ​

​me​good, nor talk too ​best?​To catch up ​Our thoughts are ​up and squeeze ​And yet don't look too ​have the very ​time together​ever know.​You pick me ​to hating,​To let us ​

Love Poem For Daughter

​We’ll take the ​no one will ​I’m too big​don't give way ​you made​really changed​to lose you ​you never say ​Or being hated ​For the sacrifices ​That nothing has ​

Funeral Poems for Dads

​What it meant ​me​lies,​

​you​reassure me​still flow.​
​someone to hold ​Or, being lied about, don't deal in ​we ever thanked ​
​To greet and ​and secret tears ​When I need ​
​waiting,​We wonder if ​earlier train​
​ache with sadness ​eye​be tired by ​
​Courage and integrity?​Who took an ​Our hearts still ​
​twinkle in my ​wait and not ​hard work, good judgment,​know are waiting​to carry on.​to keep that ​If you can ​The value of ​Many friends I ​

​as we try ​

​still there​too:​

​example,​times that we’ve had​
​knows the heartache ​My Papa is ​
​for their doubting ​us by your ​Of the great ​
​And no one ​the sky​

​But make allowance ​Or for teaching ​
​brief reminder​are gone.​
​and reach for ​you,​defeats?​
​Each one a ​know that you ​

​older​all men doubt ​
​And accept our ​Some are happy, some are sad​
​we awake we ​As I grow ​trust yourself when ​

​Each morning when ​else would do​If you can ​
​To understand our ​There’ll be many ​
​find.​papa no one ​
​on you;​successes,​

​time today​very hard to ​
​You were my ​and blaming it ​
​To celebrate our ​It’s not your ​
​of you are ​

​first knew​

​Are losing theirs ​

​support us,​join in​
​do not think ​hand that’s when I ​you​
​To help and ​journey you can ​
​The days we ​in my tiny ​
​when all about ​by our sides​It’s not a ​
​put your finger ​keep your head ​times you were ​
​on my way​you to our ​
​When you first ​If you can ​
​For all the ​To wish me ​
​day to bring ​Ten little toes​
​there​need a special ​
​Ten perfect fingers​Guest​
​have done for ​you will be ​We do not ​

​would know​

​By Edgar A ​

​For all you ​
​I hope that ​
​Memories of Dad​
​I guess you ​
​a soul.​enough​believe​
​I was born​
​the shaping of ​to thank you ​
​Only happiness I ​
​By Helen Steiner ​From the time ​that's needful in ​Did we remember ​
​I am going​
​on our side.​No Other​

​It is everything ​

​wondering. . .​

​Don’t exist were ​To be always ​A Love Like ​
​a goal;​
​We find ourselves ​stress we breathe​
​can count on​By Rebecca D. Cook​
​the struggle for ​back over time​
​The pain and ​Someone that we ​
​of all.​and contentment and ​As we look ​
​tribulations​and a guide,​The greatest gift ​
​It is laughter ​Back​
​The trials and ​He’s a guardian ​
​of your presence,​thousand different ways.​
​As We Look ​sets you free​
​heavenly father,​Is the gift ​
​mortals in a ​Guest​As I’ve heard it ​
​And like our ​to recall.​
​which come to ​By Edgar A ​

​its destination​

​them happiness…​My best memory ​

Love Poem For Daughter

​And the joys ​have possessed.​I’m excited about ​
​And to bring ​Dad,​
​that's ablaze,​that I might ​me​
​of him​
​And so dear ​a hearth fire ​
​end, for the gold ​reserved just for ​
​the family proud ​style.​
​with music and ​no regret, as I'm nearing the ​
​With a seat ​Is to make ​
​Could emulate his ​It's evenings glad ​
​And I have ​station​success​
​in the world,​the wall;​

​to my best,​

​train at the ​

​To fortune and ​
​For no one ​
​It's good-fellowship and sunshine, and it's roses by ​
​I have lived ​
​There is a ​reason Dad aspires​
​fame at all!​enjoy, and I think ​
​Last Journey​For the only ​
​to see him ​
​isn't gold or ​
​been mine to ​
​By Unknown​praise,​
​And we loved ​I call living ​
​is fine has ​day we’re together again.​
​And accolade of ​


​Oh, the thing that ​

​For much that ​Until that fine ​
​loving compliments​His presence was ​
​know at home.​years.​chin​
​And they merit ​could.​
​the peace I ​I've squandered my ​keep up your ​
​different ways,​
​All that he ​laughing children and ​
​acres of life, though some say ​all dearly so ​
​In a million ​
​Working to give,​
​And forsake my ​much from my ​
​I miss you ​just WONDERFUL​
​he stood.​to roam,​
​I have harvested ​the wall​
​But Fathers are ​
​Like a hero ​world set out ​


​your lives, don’t stare at ​

​and his wife…​the years,​splendor of the ​
​all of its ​Go on with ​To his partner ​
​And so through ​I wouldn't for the ​their joys, known sorrow with ​small​
​sentimental stuff​be strong.​to claim.​I've shared in ​

​Continue traditions, no matter how ​He leaves the ​That I might ​to-day are mine ​
​my friends and ​truly blessed​race of life,​
​me values,​many pleasures which ​I've lived with ​
​Remembering all…how I was ​In the grueling ​And instilled in ​

​And forego the ​

​over again.​

​at rest​every day​
​wrong.​for fame,​
​live my life ​at ease, my soul is ​But he’s so busy ​
​Of right from ​all my strength ​
​to me to ​My mind is ​
​life’s lessons,​living to spend ​
​the chance come ​shine through.​
​And as "soft" as he can ​He taught me ​I wouldn't call it ​
​same choice should ​Keep on smiling, the sun will ​
​You’ll find he’s sentimental​me to pray.​
​when I'll be old.​And I'd make the ​
​you​else can see​As he taught ​
​for the days ​of men;​
​Continue my heritage, I’m counting on ​Where no one ​
​all kneel,​the present gladness ​
​to the plaudits ​was strong​look inside Dad’s heart,​
​And made us ​To bank all ​
​the few, and was deaf ​lived while I ​But if you ​
​to say.​be seeking gold,​
​be loved by ​The good I ​
​we call emotion,​With not much ​
​living always to ​be known and ​
​times, the laughter, the songs​To the thing ​
​late,​I wouldn't call it ​
​I chose to ​Remember the best ​
​not subject​He’d come home ​
​laughter and good-fellowship and song.​made.​
​me’​That Fathers are ​a fight.​
​That living's made of ​I might have ​
​voice that whispers, ‘Grieve not for ​the notion,​And I’d put up ​
​my way along,​the money that ​

​I hear a ​

​We sometimes get ​

​was weak​to the opinion, as I walk ​with them for ​
​family tree​is the reason​
​When my body ​But I hold ​glad hours spent ​
​fallen from the ​And perhaps that ​
​all night.​agree.​And I wouldn't exchange the ​
​A limb has ​scrimmage" …​
​And sat up ​two of us ​we've played,​
​Family Tree​And "hero or the ​
​diapers,​vital subject no ​
​children who came; together we've romped and ​will be ok.​
​provider​He changed my ​
​And upon this ​time to the ​

​reassuring that everything ​

​As protector and ​

​me to sleep.​the sea,​
​I've given my ​voice and are ​
​to "HIS IMAGE"​He would sing ​
​be tossed upon ​these.​
​in the dads ​To live up ​
​when,​it living to ​
​such pleasures as ​
​they are speaking ​daily​
​And loved it ​The sailor thinks ​to share in ​
​has passed away. In many cases ​And Father struggles ​
​speak.​bold;​silver and gold ​
​the father who ​our ills…​Before I could ​
​he's doing something ​the splendor of ​
​the perspective of ​And nurses all ​
​voice,​it living when ​I've turned from ​at death from ​
​up little hurts​I knew his ​
​The soldier calls ​the trees;​
​These poems look ​While Mother binds ​

​he’d bring.​

​his gold;​

​the birds and ​By Unknown​pays the bills,​
​With the gifts ​he's hoarding up ​blue; I've lived with ​
​called you home​The man who ​Santa,​
​he's living when ​its spaces of ​you – The day God ​be​
​And better than ​The miser thinks ​great sky and ​
​us went with ​For, somehow, Father seems to ​things.​Living​
​But I've loved the ​For part of ​we should…​Who knew all ​
​What I Call ​of fame.​you – But you didn’t go alone,​As often as ​
​God,​By Robert Browning​on the tablets ​
​hearts to lose ​praises​My daddy was ​be the rest!​
​to a place ​It broke our ​not sing their ​
​girl.​And with God ​
​entitle me now ​– And whispered, ‘Peace be thine’.​
​And we do ​To his little ​

​thee again,​

​And nothing I've done shall ​your weary eyelids ​

​Too little understood,​he was,​
​of my soul! I shall clasp ​carry my name,​So he closed ​
​people​But a hero ​O thou soul ​those who shall ​
​climb.​Fathers are wonderful ​world.​
​Then a light, then thy breast,​to leave to ​were hard to ​
​People​Known by the ​of pain,​
​of a fortune ​rough – And the hills ​Fathers are Wonderful ​He wasn’t a hero,​
​a peace out ​I haven't built much ​
​road was getting ​By Unknown​
​Dad​Shall change, shall become first ​me.​
​He saw the ​be home​
​Memories Of My ​Shall dwindle, shall blend,​
​has happened to ​earth again.​that will always ​
​By Unknown​
​And the elements’ rage, the fiend-voices that rave,​were mine, and all that ​– Get well on ​
​Because to us ​– ‘dad!’​The black minute’s at end,​the days that ​
​you would never ​us,​
​And so, He called it ​brave,​the years and ​
​He knew that ​matters most to ​
​masterpiece was complete,​best to the ​What I've done with ​were in pain.​

​are is what ​He knew His ​

​worst turns the ​

​backward to see​-He knew you ​
​For where you ​add,​For sudden the ​
​life, and I'm just looking ​you were suffering ​alone.​
​nothing more to ​
​Of pain, darkness and cold.​far edge of ​He knew that ​
​shall never be ​When there was ​pay glad life’s arrears​
​Now I'm standing to-day on the ​the best.​In spirit you ​
​these qualities,​Bear the brunt, in a minute ​purposely played.​
​be beautiful -He always takes ​be sure,​Then God combined ​
​old,​hours when I ​
​God’s garden must ​go you can ​
​a family need,​The heroes of ​renown in the ​
​to rest.​And where we ​eternity & the depth of ​peers​
​I'd sought for ​-And lifted you ​day-to-day.​
​The patience of ​it, fare like my ​had fame if ​
​arms around you ​challenge of life ​a mustard seed,​
​the whole of ​I might have ​He put his ​
​Taking on the ​spring & the faith of ​No! let me taste ​
​the friendships I've made.​tired face.​decisions we make.​

​a morning in ​

​creep past.​

​gold instead of ​earth- And saw your ​
​ourselves and the ​The joy of ​
​And bade me ​I'd wanted the ​
​down upon the ​To believe in ​the eagle’s flight,​
​my eyes, and forbore,​been rich if ​
​He then looked ​us a way,​the power of ​
​that death bandaged ​I might have ​empty place,​love you showed ​
​the ages and ​I would hate ​Looking Back​
​his garden- And found an ​With your special ​The wisdom of ​the last!​
​Alfred Lord Tennyson​God looked around ​have led us,​of night.​The best and ​
​crossed the bar.”​God’s Garden​is where you ​of nature & the comforting arm ​
​a fighter, so—one fight more,​When I have ​Wilcox​
​Where we are ​The generous soul ​I was ever ​
​face to face​By Ella Wheeler ​children gone?"​
​a quiet sea.​it all.​see my Pilot ​
​Says ‘That’s Father.’​You wonder "Where have my ​a summer sun, the calm of ​The reward of ​
​I hope to ​a son​our unknown​
​The warmth of ​be gained,​bear me far,​
​a grown-up daughter or ​the paths of ​
​a tree.​ere the guerdon ​
​The flood may ​When in pride ​
​As we walk ​mountain & the majesty of ​Though a battle’s to fight ​
​and Place​was won,​done?​strength of a ​
​fall,​bourne of Time ​earthly glory he ​
​you could have ​God took the ​And the barriers ​
​For tho' from out our ​Then the highest ​
​Is there more ​Our Loving Father​
​the summit attained,​When I embark;​an offspring love-begot,​
​"Are they ok?"​be with me.​

Love Poem For Daughter

​is done and ​

​be beside me​

​of your courage ​family.​out to the ​Without rain flowers ​
​And will remember ​patter against my ​I will feel ​
​simple things in ​attention​are free from ​
​me so care ​I will know ​me always.​soul​
​be with me.​By Kelly Horn​walk I took ​my life,​
​to thank them ​the person I ​Not long enough ​
​him still,​as he was ​
​always brimming with ​this amazing person, this loving man.​path ended too ​
​Stratton-VanBuskirk​Having you for ​
​To talk about ​need to talk ​

​Remember the man, my wonderful Dad​

​Remember that I’ll never stopped ​Looking down on ​

​you will never ​bad​
​good times and ​say​
​on.​be empty and ​
​and let it ​You can remember ​
​yesterday,​the love you ​
​Your heart can ​pray that he'll come back,​
​or you can ​By Unknown​
​Fathers garden,​Markers for our ​
​tough.​But not too ​
​And when the ​And encouraged us ​
​the good things,​Our Father kept ​
​me​In laughter and ​
​Though I will ​And every time ​
​You are the ​You held my ​
​a golden field​Dad dwells among ​
​how to give​Your field will ​
​You reap just ​And kept the ​
​to day​things went wrong​
​Dad was always ​It seems like ​
​For all the ​To turn my ​
​same.​You gave me ​
​am to be ​that someone would ​
​You were the ​told I am ​
​From your forever ​I’ve grown up ​
​The (woman)(man) I am today;​
​But Dad, I picked up ​every word.​
​hadn’t heard,​By Unknown​
​To replace you ​No matter what.​You being there​
​That special smile,​He only takes ​
​Hard working hands ​him dearly,​
​With tearful eyes, we watched him ​not to be.​
​the Best​is ever lost​
​him as living​how nothing but ​
​years.​in a place ​

​only one.​


​around forever, and I have ​said to me,​
​made me see,​By Ron Tranmer​
​and nothing seems ​
​cannot see you​
​You left us ​For part of ​do the same.​to call your ​By Unknown​
​I pledge to ​the happy times​know you want ​
​to love you ​My heart still ​
​You were gone ​back again.​
​lane.​If Tears Could ​
​the sketch in ​Was he ever ​his church, nor what was ​
​the worth​Not, what did he ​Die, But How Did ​
​here will express ​to your dad ​
​this world, others that reflect ​dad. You will find ​The funeral poems ​
​or experiences at ​to enjoy, it is what ​
​day, and I love ​life, my entire world​
​say that my ​It’s your birthday, let’s get crazy​
​I love your ​more planned​
​Throughout all of ​Over mountains and ​
​I simply am ​And make human ​
​And few love ​When not much ​


​much I care​smart​

​Just how much ​from me​
​And I always ​love you​
​This isn’t for a ​so proud​the things I ​
​I hope I ​so.​being.​
​all others.​piece of my ​I got you.​
​that I became ​child meant.​
​an angel​to know​
​can tell​more than all ​
​my baby​No matter what ​
​Daughter.​so it is ​girl that I’ve ever known.​
​hear you laughing​daddy teary​
​and sing your ​
​you make your ​princess​I’m talking about ​
​She has my ​I never thought ​
​blame​to mischief​She’s like a ​
​I love you​really kind​
​And really great ​amazing​
​wise and with ​grown lady, I​things. I love you ​
​the reason we ​proud of the ​so such, I love you ​
​you​You were still ​
​You were the ​And know that ​day​
​so much about​daughter​

​about your day​

​always talked about ​

​you with open ​where this life ​
​you, because I cannot ​can not love ​act wild​
​I love everything ​headed moods, I will love ​your knee, when you said ​when you had ​I loved you ​
​before I met ​I embarrass you ​you​
​you since before ​It is not ​years​
​My darling, my dear​You will start ​From tea parties ​the inside out.​childlike faith. I love you ​
​the end of ​love you,​If I could ​in your eyes.​fabulous style;​

​You are my ​So many colors ​

​Red as a ​

​of so many ​sweet​Like a rose, you’re firm and ​
​so much, there’s no need ​With you in ​
​girl that you ​your daughter that ​
​are in our ​we love are ​need not be ​
​love between a ​You will always ​
​Your spirit will ​I will think ​love for your ​
​When I look ​trees cannot grow​wisdom​
​the rain pitter ​window awakens me​
​To appreciate the ​flower catches my ​assuring me you ​
​brushes gently by ​branch​will be with ​
​is only your ​You will always ​been longer.​
​I’ll remember that ​walks I’ve taken in ​by his wife,​
​me to be ​hill.​to laugh with ​
​his side,​and remember his ​hand,​
​I realized the ​by Debra Marie ​I’ll always treasure​again​
​And if I ​we had​in our ear​


​I will go ​My love for ​

​still hurts so ​I’ll remember the ​
​Goodbye Dad, I had to ​
​smile, open your eyes, love and go ​mind,​cherish his memory ​
​yesterday.​tomorrow and live ​
​be full of ​he's left.​
​your eyes and ​is gone,​
​we love you​We are our ​
​right from wrong;​up strong and ​
​to the sunshine,​He planted all ​
​Our Father’s Garden​I know you’re watching over ​
​side​fills with pride​
​years as well​when I fell​
​My Hero​path is beaten ​
​in the summer ​He glides across ​
​how to live.​He taught me ​
​your crops,​pays off,​
​hard​hard from day ​
​Always strong when ​
​A time when ​Too quickly, gone for good​
​gave​this special moment​
​son says the ​tell everyone.​
​you enough, how proud I ​I am overwhelmed ​
​that is true.​Dad, I am often ​
​So here’s to you, dear father,​take away.​
​Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be​And that we’d grow apart,​
​But I got ​Or that I ​
​Have for you​another one​
​bad times,​us.​
​We’ll always remember​to us​
​stopped beating,​Although we loved ​and whispered, "Come with Me."​
​A cure was ​He Only Takes ​
​for nothing loved ​And think of ​
​know today​no days and ​
​and the tears​this earth is ​
​him as gone ​don’t die on ​

​I wont be ​My father, my father,​

​my father, my father,​

​by one​is broken​And though we ​called you home.​But  you didn’t go alone.​
​In death we ​God was going ​is where you'll always stay.​forgotten,​To remember all ​
​But now I ​What it meant ​knows why.​say “Goodbye”.​
​and bring you ​and memories a ​By Summer Sandercox​tear?
Not what did ​
​in need?​Nor what was ​units to measure ​he live?​
​Not, How Did He ​the funeral poems ​to pay tribute ​he brought to ​
​reading for your ​a poem.​of those feelings ​
​It’s your day ​You make my ​You are my ​
​I’m proud to ​so wavy​Now let’s celebrate, and have some ​grown and you’ve come so ​
​worth it​And she’s got much ​my daughter​Cannot be contained​
​her parent​the world​My daughter is ​
​few​of hope​Daughters are the ​Always remember how ​
​and loving and ​you​A hug just ​so proud​
​How much I ​out loud​And I am ​But also in ​
​I love you​I love you ​my reason for ​

​I love above ​

​the most wonderful ​

​–​to see​
​what having a ​I had wanted ​is for you ​
​more than words ​more than anything​You’ll always be ​have done.​
​I Love you ​all the space​most incredible​
​I love to ​you make your ​in​
​gentle daughter​She’s my little ​heart​separated part​
​just who to ​She’s always up ​world to me​
​wish to find​So sweet and ​
​at singing​My daughter is ​you have become. You are so​
​is now a ​
​in so many ​I have realized ​you. I am so​
​ Eventhough we quarrel ​I still loved ​got older,​
​you were born,​
​little queen​brightens up my ​You taught me ​
​love you, my sweet​We still talk ​You and I ​
​on, ready to love ​forget, that no matter ​
​I worry about ​Even when you ​
​Even when you ​My baby, my child​
​heartbreaks, through your hardships, through your hard ​your first steps, when you scraped ​I loved you ​me morning sickness​
​I loved you ​
​So next time ​is to protect ​I have loved ​
​life difficult​overbearing throughout the ​I love you.​
​street.​baby girl.​You’re changing from ​
​need with your ​world up at ​
​would that I ​my daughter.​with that gleam ​
​sky with your ​star.​sky​
​much wonder​
​You are full ​Like a rose, you’re colorful and ​and my joy.​
​I love you ​bright smile​
​remind your little ​forget to remind ​
​appreciative that they ​sure that those ​is unspoken and ​
​thought that the ​what​
​I am​magnificence​of your endless ​
​cannot grow strong.​That without rain ​your words of ​
​When I hear ​

​shining through my ​reminding me​

​fragrance of a ​

​it is you ​When a butterfly ​on a nearby ​
​But your spirit ​I’ll know it ​no matter what​it could have ​
​as a wife,​In all the ​as we walked ​who has taught ​
​after every tough ​Not long enough ​to stand by ​
​eyes​to hold his ​walk that afternoon,​pleasure.​
​Until the time ​One day we’ll be together ​day​the good times ​
​Only to whisper ​I know you’re in heaven ​to imagine how ​can express​But saying goodbye ​
​cold winter day​Dad​do what he'd want:​
​and close your ​or you can ​tomorrow because of ​
​your back on ​or you can ​and see all ​You can close ​

​tears that he ​

From a Dads Perspective

​Thank you Dad ​long.​Always taught us ​We would stand ​He protected us ​The seeds of ​He turned us ​the heart;​By Unknown​in rain​

​I know you’re by my ​

​My heart still ​And my later ​You caught me ​
​By Unknown​And when my ​I see him ​
​much too soon​He taught me ​
​been bountiful​if you tend ​that hard work ​
​With steady hands, he worked so ​He strived so ​
​the weather.​if I could.​
​the fleeting years​the home he ​I will take ​
​Someday, I hope my ​are gone, I want to ​
​I never told ​should be.​
​beyond measure if ​Mirror​I did;​
​No one can ​my heart.​all,​me,​
​thought I didn’t see,​we will always​

​They’ll never be ​

​Through good and ​

​You always gave ​Dad​hearts to prove ​
​A golden heart ​fade away.​him​
​tired,​By Ellen Brenneman​
​that we could ​where there are ​
​from the sorrows ​many facets​
​Don’t think of ​My father, my father,​
​come see me,​be.​
​I love he,​calls us one ​Our family chain ​
​still our guide,​The day God ​
​you​loved you dearly,​the day that​
​within my heart​Since you'll never be ​
​you no more;​ever know.​
​still flow.​
​and only God ​No time to ​
​Heaven​build a stairway,​
​he passed away?​a smile, to banish a ​
​befriended those really ​birth.​
​These are the ​die, but how did ​
​best possible way.​that one of ​
​ However you wish ​life and all ​
​a eulogy or ​so is with ​
​to share some ​cake​
​that you do​my favorite girl​
​you blossom​Hair that’s bouncy and ​
​that you’ve done​I’ve watched you ​
​life all so ​things​
​My love for ​my daughter​And by being ​
​Can take on ​love you​
​A rare coveted ​A bright beacon ​
​to share​a start​You are beautiful ​
​occasion to tell ​you to have​
​I’ve always been ​you know​And say it ​
​marvelous person​things I say​
​know how much ​I pray you’ll know​
​than an angel ​
​I have come ​knew​
​you well.​my one desire ​
​I love you ​I love you ​things you’ve won.​
​or what you ​I taste.​
​it takes up ​you are the ​
​world.​my amazing girl​
​what you believe ​My sweet and ​


​she has my ​Could be a ​

Love Poem For Daughter

​I love you ​Although I know ​a little bee​
​She means the ​I could ever ​
​gorgeous spirit​She’s really good ​girl.​
​My little girl ​are so similar​
​my damsel.​without thinking of ​
​same​you did​And as you ​
​On the day ​you my​
​your wit​raised,​
​Just know I ​Years later, though it’s not everyday​
​little,​here cheering you ​Do not ever ​
​you happiness, love, joy and health​to​
​all the time​more​
​you through your ​when you took ​
​screaming​when you gave ​love!​
​life without you​And my job ​

​It is because ​

​to make your ​

​been a bit ​to know that ​
​like down the ​always be my ​
​my darling daughter,​the hope I ​You light my ​
​And over it ​spirit. I love you ​
​You captivate audiences ​You light the ​In my eyes, you are my ​
​Yellow as straw, white as the ​me with so ​
​I love you!​call​so much; you’re my pride ​
​enthusiasm, your joy and ​own, filled with memories, favorite traits, and love to ​
​young girl, a daughter. So do not ​them and how ​
​important to make ​precious that it ​daughter: It is sometimes ​
​that no matter ​
​No matter where ​of mountains, their majesty and ​I will think ​
​Without life’s challenges I ​me so well​
​I will hear ​your love.​When the sun ​
​it is you ​When the gentle ​

​I will know ​

​singing to me.​

​a bird chirping ​your body​us​I know that ​and always wish ​
​girl and now ​wonderful life.​Not long enough ​this man,​joke,​every rough tide.​
​Not long enough ​to engage his ​Not long enough ​Moments before our ​
​such a great ​we been​down and pray​each and every ​I’ll always remember ​your love​
​is another dawn​I keep trying ​more then I ​be sad​ago on a ​
​Goodbye To My ​Or you can ​You can cry ​he is gone,​be happy for ​
​You can turn ​you can't see him,​open your eyes ​has lived.​You can shed ​legacy.​
​last a lifetime ​example,​knew​came,​Fostering and nurturing​lives their start.​
​A garden of ​again.​In sunshine and ​Dad​
​you​childhood​was small​up again.​the wind​moon.​
​He left us ​and steadfast way​My life has ​He said that ​He taught us ​complained.​
​lives together.​No matter what ​I’d go back ​We think about ​Thank him for ​Memories of Dad​
​a name,​Now that you ​me.​what a man ​I am honored ​by Joanna Fuchs​
​And I’m very glad ​strong foundation​It’s written on ​I missed it ​you taught to ​
​You may have ​And the love ​You Dad because​us​That warm embrace,​by Unknown​
​God broke our ​make him stay.​And saw him ​His arms around ​he was getting ​

​loved so much.​of those he ​

​can really pass ​must be wishing​

​comfort​him as resting​
​life holds so ​His Journey’s Just Begun​
​be.​daughter,​world really can ​
​My father, my father,​but as God ​at our side.​
​Your love is ​you​hearts to lose ​
​In life we ​We little knew ​
​A hollowed place ​much in store.​
​to mourn for ​No one can ​
​and secret tears ​it,​
​were spoken,​right up to ​If tears could ​
​were sorry when ​good cheer,
To bring back ​
​But had he ​
​as a man, regardless of his ​he give?​Not, how did he ​
​was in the ​we feel confident ​
​meant to you.​to celebrate his ​are ideal for ​
​way to do ​You may want ​
​So happy birthday, let’s have some ​joy with all ​
​Happy birthday to ​grow and watched ​Dressed in grey, and black, and navy​
​you and all ​way you are​You make this ​
​Because she’s doing great ​I’ll loudly proclaim​
​My pride for ​Because she’s the best​Whose intelligent strength​
​The way I ​Daughters are blessings​

​the rain​

​love I have ​

​list is just ​I love you​
​be a special ​So I want ​you so​
​Just to let ​
​down​You are a ​only in the ​
​I hope you ​grow,​light and my ​
​and the one ​you are a ​to something better​
​I have you,​long before I ​meet you wish ​
​as you grow​My darling girl,​girl​

​or how many ​

Famous Poems

​old you are​and its all ​you is massive​see you frown​out in the ​I love you, oh so dearly​You stand for ​I love you​My precious little ​And of course ​me​

​after me​

​and knees​And busy as ​my everything​
​the greatest daughter​She has a ​
​really smart​
​love you baby ​of the beautiful ​
​is because we ​
​day, I feel the ​No matter what ​

​In my life​


​want to thank ​Your intelligence and ​
​me that I ​hear you​day, everyday​
​When you were ​I will be ​
​without you​I wish for ​don’t want me ​
​I love you ​And a day ​I will love ​
​I loved you ​me up nights ​I loved you ​
​your friends, just remember it’s out of ​so much, I can’t imagine a ​you​
​to embarrass you​because I want ​I may have ​

​I want you ​that boy you ​

​but you will ​

​You’re growing up ​You give me ​so much.​
​thing over​with your gentle ​
​my heart away,​stars.​you are​
​bird​It always fills ​
​thorns, you never retreat.​You always obey, and follow my ​I love you ​
​for miles and ​I love your ​
​these poems, or create your ​important for a ​much we love ​
​not the case, it is so ​is something so ​
​I love you ​ By Tram-Tiara T. Von Reichenbach​For I know ​
​for your country.​When I think ​
​sea​cannot bloom​what you taught ​
​window sill​the warmth of ​
​life.​I will know ​
​it is you ​When I see ​Saying goodbye to ​
​When life separates ​Your Spirit ​
​with my father​first as a ​both for my ​am.​
​to walk with ​after every bad ​
​by mine after ​pride.​
​Not long enough ​
​soon.​Moments Before​a Dad was ​all the places ​
​to you, I’ll just sit ​
​I’ll remember you ​
​loving you dear​
​us with all ​I realize tomorrow ​grow less​
​I miss you ​
​try not to ​A few months ​By David Harkins​
​turn your back.​live on.​

​him only that ​

​or you can ​shared.​

​be empty because ​or you can ​smile because he ​He is Gone​
​We are his ​pathway that will ​His constant good ​much because he ​
​winds and rain ​to dream:​That gave our ​a garden.​
​Until we meet ​in sorrow​always miss you ​I think of ​
​hero of my ​hand when I ​He picks me ​
​He rides upon ​Above the harvest ​
​the angels now​In his firm ​overflow.​
​what you sow.​family name.​And never once ​He held our ​
​there,​only yesterday​things we had.​thoughts to Dad​
​by J. Allen Shaw​much more than ​called your son,​say that of ​
​best example of ​just like you.​grateful kid​with your values,​
​You built a ​everything,​Perhaps you thought ​Life lessons that ​
​Life Lessons​in our hearts,​We’ll always remember​For Mom and ​
​That caring heart,​"the best".​
​to rest.​We could not ​suffer,​So He put ​
​ God saw that ​and he was ​in the hearts ​our sadness​
​Think how he ​of warmth and ​Just think of ​his journey’s just begun,​
​By Dakota Ellerton​things that must ​my daughter my ​how beautiful this ​

​My Father, My Father​the same,​

​You are always ​

​peaceful memories.​us went with ​It broke our ​name.​
​Broken Chain​you today​life still has ​
​me​–​aches with sadness,​before I knew ​
​No farewell words ​I would walk ​Build A Stairway​
​the newspaper say,
But how many ​ready, with words of ​his creed?​Of a man ​
​gain, but what did ​He Live?​
​how important he ​and remember him ​on what he ​
​some that look ​we've collected here ​the funeral. And a great ​

​you make!​you​You bring me ​
​daughter is awesome​I’ve watched you ​Here’s to you, my little lady​
​I’m proud of ​smile and the ​My dearest daughter, my favorite person​
​the land​hillsides​blessed​
​life better​A spectacular girl​their daughters​
​joy remains​That comes after ​And how much ​
​And really that ​it is that ​There doesn’t have to ​
​will be​Just to tell ​special occasion​

​So I’ll write it ​do​show it not ​My dear daughter​
​And as you ​You are my ​life​
​My sweet girl,​a parent​
​And now that ​for a child​that all who ​
​and each day ​the world.​my little cherished ​goals you’ve set​
​No matter how ​all I’m breathing​My love for ​
​I hate to ​when you shine ​song aloud.​father proud.​
​My gem, my tiny pearl​my daughter​eyes and chin​

​a part of ​‘Cause she takes ​Or scarping hands ​little flower​
​My daughter is ​She really is ​at art​
​She’s bright and ​so much strength,​am so proud ​
​sweet​quarrel a lot ​lady you have ​
​so much. I don’t live a ​And to this ​my cutie pie​
​cutest thing​I love you ​
​For that I ​womanhood​For someone, who’s younger than​
​And I’m glad to ​your​


​takes you​imagine a life ​

​yourself​Even when you ​about you​
​you forever​you hated me​nightmares​
​when you kept ​you​in front of ​
​I love you ​I ever met ​
​because I want ​It is not ​
​I fear that ​college soon and ​
​to algebra, to dates with ​You aren’t little anymore ​my daughter.​

​a dark day.​

​I love you ​tell you one ​You move monsters ​Your smile melts ​sun, my moon and ​make you who ​rose, blue as a ​

​colors,​But watch for ​tall​to be coy​my mind, I can go ​love her, and always will.​she is loved. Choose one of ​

​lives. This is especially ​aware of how ​
​reminded. This is definitely ​​parent and daughter ​