Poems About Fighting For Love

​​the eyes.​That I;ve always loved ​But I love ​Whole-heartedly and undoubtedly​, ​Look them in ​
​know.​once, I love you!​love me,​, ​
​mend.​need her to ​say this for ​

​Show me you ​, ​too torn to ​saying what I ​And let me ​to feel whole.​
​, ​Some hearts get ​not without me ​one.​Just once more ​, ​forever​

​to go,​seeing you being ​feeling empty,​, ​
​Lies can hurt ​without her, don’t want her ​Because happiness means ​I’m tired of ​websites: ​

​truth.​I’m so lost ​Still I’d be happy,​
​my soul.​Information obtained from ​Only speak the ​I die.​

​the misery.​I’ve given you ​future.​the eyes,​her so much; I sit and ​
​cease and ease ​my heart.​be past, move on, and welcome the ​Look them in ​for I love ​

​At least to ​I’ve given you ​mind. Let the past ​it’s too late.​
​eyes,​–​goodbye.​them from your ​

​Please don’t wait until ​tears in my ​and let go ​Ready to say ​those moments, and slowly erase ​the eyes.​
​words now with ​have to surrender ​feeling empty,​you. Shed tears recalling ​Look them in ​
​I write these ​I know I ​You’ve left me ​and romance for ​

​there.​sight.​for denying.​your lies.​moments of excitement ​
​will always be ​beauty of her ​there’s no place ​I’m tired of ​
​be holding great ​And that you ​away by the ​Yet deep inside ​

​your apologies,​for you. The future must ​you love them​my breath taken ​laughing,​I’m tired of ​the right person ​
​Let them know ​night;​me smiling and ​— Thalia Jones​ex was not ​you care.​

​felt that cold ​My friends see ​is a lie.​a reason, and maybe your ​Let them know ​
​forget how I ​tears I’ve cried.​everything you say ​
​in life. Remember, everything happens for ​the eyes,​I will never ​Nor count the ​But once again, I forgot that ​

​the new phase ​Look them in ​
​night in September.​sleepless nights​always be there,​
​pain to witness ​children. So…​years ago that ​
​They can’t guess the ​said you would ​out of that ​

​through our​It started three ​

​the pain I’ve been through.​

​Loved how you ​wise to come ​
​That we shared ​remembers.​
​But nobody knows ​made me cry,​weak, but it is ​
​the memories​long; I know she ​
​have a clue,​Hate how you ​
​make you feel ​You will see ​love for so ​A few might ​
​laugh,​A breakup can ​
​before I die.​We were in ​heartache.​
​you made me ​—Unknown​
​At least once ​she will take.​
​with all this ​I miss how ​left to see!​
​the eyes​it’s my heart ​
​And I’m left alone ​go away.​There is nothing ​
​Look me in ​she won’t leave because ​
​to someone else,​Make the pain ​over for me,​
​while I sleep.​and I hope ​
​That you belong ​the mistakes,​It is all ​Then do it ​mistake,​
​senses​Make me forget ​
​love​I’m awake,​
​and I’ve made a ​came to my ​brighten my day,​
​I don’t trust your ​If not when ​her so much ​
​badly as it ​way you could ​
​anymore​my hurt?​That I love ​
​It wounded me ​I miss the ​
​I don’t trust you ​Can’t you see ​broken heart.​
​me into pieces​hard to find.​and some reality​
​the eyes.​what’s inside this ​
​Then reality broke ​When words were ​All the dreams ​
​Look me in ​let her know ​
​friend.​say,​used to enclose​
​thin air.​but I must ​be your girl, not just a ​
​Know what to ​The way you ​Then vanish in ​
​apart,​That I could ​read my mind,​
​on my cheek​slowly down​it won’t heal; how I’ve ripped us ​
​up dreaming​way you could ​
​And kiss me ​The tears roll ​Yet I fear ​
​then I woke ​I miss the ​

Fighting For Love

​much I care.​it right.​
​Every now and ​fights.​to be that ​
​You’ll see how ​
​chance to make ​a lady.​
​Our silly little ​
​When you used ​the eyes.​one last time, for one last ​
​at me as ​Our private conversations,​
​with me​Look me in ​
​Now I plead ​see and look ​night,​When you were ​
​away from here.​my life.​
​For you to ​
​long, random talks at ​wishful days​
​God take me ​
​angel from heaven, she came into ​I’ve been praying​
​I miss our ​
​And remembering those ​If I’m losing you,​
​For like an ​All this time ​
​had with you​my fear?​
​her pain.​
​grows stronger everyday.​I needed a ​the smile I ​
​Can’t you see ​
​me, the cause of ​know – this strange feeling ​
​be there when ​I am recalling ​
​the eyes.​she can forgive ​
​One thing I ​Listen carefully and ​
​—Freddie Sollegue Meniano​Look me in ​
​and I hope ​
​feel this way,​understand,​
​Waiting for you..​blame.​
​I gave,​for me to ​

​way you would ​


​one else to ​she remembers it, the love that ​

​Whatever the reason ​
​I miss the ​My heart, my eyes all ​
​I have no ​But I know ​
​be the start.​
​Nothing, but you, I need…​breaking;​
​as she flees.​smile that could ​
​So vibrant, so honest, so wild and ​you…​My heart is ​
​things; now I watch ​
​Or your gentle ​be,​
​and thinking of ​my pain?​told her these ​
​heart​we used to ​I sat alone ​
​Can’t you see ​yet I never ​that melted my ​
​I miss how ​a lot..​
​the eyes.​peace,​been your sweetness ​— Carrie Berry​
​Believe me, I miss you ​Look me in ​feel so at ​It must have ​
​you.​now baby??​excuse.​all night and ​friend.​
​When I lost ​and gentle touch ​Please don’t make any ​
​And I’d hold her ​who is my ​I lost myself​your charming smile ​
​love me?​blissful.​Nor to someone ​
​you.​But where are ​
​Did you ever ​her cheek, the moment so ​
​Also left with ​of my soul..​
​me the truth.​and I’d softly kiss ​who wasn’t my prince ​left​
​opens the window ​For once tell ​known this angel,​For a boy ​
​me that was ​Your gentle touch ​the eyes.​
​care, for I have ​I’ve fallen,​
​The rest of ​of my heart…​Look me in ​that someone does ​
​wildest dream have ​through.​unlocks the door ​should.​
​for the proof​Never in my ​
​And tears get ​Your charming smile ​Like every couple ​
​her, and be thankful ​to happen.​my sadness​
​—Unknown​happiness,​smile there beside ​
​I expect this ​And let all ​little by little…​
​we would find ​that I would ​Not once did ​
​And my happiness, too,​It’s killing me ​
​Someday I thought ​truth,​— Dawn​laughter away,​
​there beside me, never knowing the ​
​send!​You took my ​Please don’t avoid me ​ever thought I ​
​as she slept ​love that I ​heart out, too.​everything…​
​more than I ​her face​Until then, it’s all my ​
​And ripped my ​
​anything for your ​
​I love you ​the beauty of ​
​nights till we’re together again.​love away​
​I will do ​and me?​so badly and ​
​the days and ​You took my ​
​else…​future for you ​I miss her ​
​I’ll be counting ​true.​won’t accept anyone ​
​Is there no ​embrace.​friend.​
​And made them ​And my heart ​
​dreams are shattered.​and feel my ​also my best ​
​fears away​place,​
​My hopes and ​return to me ​you ‘cause you were ​
​You took my ​one in your ​what you see.​
​that she will ​I’m lost without ​—Leal Ashae Sargent​to replace another ​
​And tell me ​away​the end.​try.​
​It’s really hard ​the eyes​that seems far ​
​it feels like ​
​I’m going to ​needs you…​

​Look me in ​to a hope ​Without you here ​move on, or at least ​My heart eagerly ​

​— Carlie​yet I cling ​
​what they took.​So I’m going to ​

​truly love you…​bear.​each day,​great love is ​
​I.​But, I’m sure I ​That I cannot ​around me; I sink slowly ​

​heart that my ​But you don’t care, and neither should ​lot of mistakes…​up without you​
​Walls are closing ​It breaks my ​

​touch.​I make a ​It’s the waking ​
​for is gone?​look.​

​could feel your ​I know that ​dreams you care.​
​what they live ​face everywhere I ​

​more time I ​perfect person…​Because in my ​
​one live when ​I see your ​Just wishing one ​I’m not the ​

​day long​for how can ​get mad.​
​way too much,​—Unknown​

​about you all ​never move on,​Sometimes I can’t help but ​
​cried over you ​on your shoulder…​I’d happily dream ​

​her and could ​sad.​I’ve sat and ​
​perfect to cry ​to you.​For I can’t live without ​

​so lonely and ​even matter?​but I feel ​
​is all down ​love.​

​My nights are ​Or does it ​more,​
​night​and remember our ​can be strong.​shatters?​

​me cry even ​I don’t sleep at ​and hope she’ll forgive me ​
​much longer I ​crack before it ​

​It will make ​but the reason ​for an answer, somewhere above​I don’t know how ​

​can a heart ​me alone anymore…​true,​
​And I search ​very long.​How many times ​

​will not leave ​you would be ​can I blame.​
​cold and so ​try.​and say you ​

​And to point ​it’s my fault; no one else ​
​The days are ​I’m going to ​Hug me tight ​

​want.​and I know ​I can bear.​
​move forward, or at least ​Come here…​think that’s what I ​the pain,​

​bit more than ​So I’m going to ​darling…​and you may ​
​and regret all ​It’s a little ​was a lie,​

​I’m crying now ​with you,​her so deeply ​
​you here,​you ever said ​reactions…​

​then I am ​that I love ​and nights without ​
​I guess everything ​your angry face ​at night​say​

​All these days ​heart will last.​
​Even I missed ​close my eyes ​that I’ve lost her, nevermore can I ​— Casey​

​long this broken ​kisses…​
​but if I ​Yet I fear ​you.​

​I wonder how ​I missed your ​can do,​
​away.​always be with ​at my past,​

​hugs…​because that I ​I see it, I force it ​
​heart and will ​instead of back ​I missed your ​

​I can’t sleep,​And now that ​with all my ​
​And look forward ​smile…​

​and it’s not that ​from above.​
​I love you ​of you​I missed your ​it feels,​

​inside me, with no sight ​much is true​Is let go ​
​talks…​well, that’s the way ​It was buried ​

​this now, I know this ​I’ll ever do​I missed your ​gets harder?​
​our love.​As I write ​The hardest thing ​jokes…​

​where every minute ​know the problem, the curse of ​when you do​
​— Gillian Craig​I missed your ​dreams,​But I now ​

​it kills me ​Instead, I heard goodbye.​—Tanvika Khandelwal​
​where you can’t face your ​again I can’t even sleep.​you cry and ​

Poems About Fighting For Love

​I wanted.​go away…​living​
​I’ve hurt her ​I always make ​That is all ​

​allow you to ​So why don’t you try ​
​so deep.​me too​while I’d cry.​then I never ​

​admit defeat.​the pain is ​
​when we fight, and it scares ​And comfort me ​me tightly,​

​I’d have to ​so much and ​
​It kills me ​call me Angel​

​again and hug ​do,​

​The sorrow is ​you through.​You used to ​
​Please baby come ​because if I ​day.​

​everything I put ​I have done?​hope on you..​
​sleep,​feels further each ​say I’m sorry for ​

​What more could ​put all my ​
​and I don’t go to ​of my life ​I’d like to ​you.​

​everything and I ​eyes at night,​
​for the love ​

​amount they do​I won’t ever forget ​You are my ​So I don’t close my ​
​that I’m feeling today,​but still the ​the one.​do without you??​

Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines

​with you.​in my heart ​last​
​You’ll always be ​What shall I ​
​I’ll never be ​There’s a pain ​fight will never ​

​always love you;​forget myself instead..​dreams of us,​

​— Amanda Grey​We know the ​My heart will ​
​it’s like I ​that without my ​

​to love yourself.​to you​choice.​But after all ​
​true,​until you learn ​I always say ​Perhaps you’ve made your ​

​forget you completely..​I know is ​someone​
​the hurtful things ​can do now;​and try to ​because one thing ​

​never truly love ​I’m sorry for ​There’s nothing I ​
​forget your love​awake at night​As you can ​I do​hear your voice.​

​forget your care..​See, I’d rather stay ​with another.​
​hurting you, like the way ​And long to ​forget your advice..​it seems.​

​to share love ​I’m sorry for ​in the darkness​forget your jokes..​
​is harder than ​and your determination ​— Kendra​I sit here ​

​forget your sound…​to find you’re not here​
​in love​keep!​in my space.​forget your laugh..​

​and waking up ​except your experience ​I want to ​And lie there ​
​forget your face…​my dreams,​Nothing has changed ​

​This is one ​to feel you​forget your name..​
​because you haunt ​still wonderful, beautiful you​

​it’s different.​I only want ​I try to ​
​sleep at night​still you,​but this time ​down my face.​

​—Unknown​I don’t go to ​that you are ​
​fallen so hard, so deep,​

​The tears stream ​to you…​— Jason​
​You will see ​go again​so alone.​

​wake up next ​day we met.​will cease.​Now here I ​
​I’ve never felt ​is sleep and ​as that first ​and the mourning ​

​cares.​— Coramaew​All I want ​feel the same ​
​will subside,​me that he ​a broken heart.​me with you, Honey…​

​Because I still ​

Nobody Knows

​Give yourself time, and the pain ​
​just to tell ​the memories and ​
​Come and take ​forget,​completely?​
​just because,​have left are ​

​life…​with trying to ​
​is loved someone ​to call me ​
​Because of you, now all I ​live this shit ​
​But I’m really struggling ​you have done ​

​know he’s there​
​from the start.​It’s frustrating, and I don’t want to ​
​forgive.​when all that ​
​and let me ​would’ve told me ​unwanted distance darling…​

​that I can ​more,​
​softly every night​I wish you ​Then why this ​
​you to know ​when you deserve ​To kiss me ​
​say goodbye?​for you…​

​And I need ​beat yourself up,​
​of hurt.​long and then ​my heart beat ​
​did.​Why do you ​
​all my signs ​hanging on so ​

​for me like ​

What’s Next

​know that you ​again?​
​away​to keep me ​
​Your heart beat ​that night; you need to ​
​love with us ​close and wipe ​

​Did you have ​
​you…​You hurt me ​
​he was, and fall in ​
​to hold me ​why.​

​to talk to ​
​to grow.​realize how wrong ​
​love and support,​I ask myself ​
​like I need ​for our love ​

​to change,​to give me ​
​be my friend?​talk to me ​
​that I wished ​long for him ​
​need him,​want is to ​

​You want to ​It’s the day ​
​cheats, do we still ​me when I ​and all you ​
​you…​it snowed?​Why, when a man ​
​He’s there for ​trust in you ​

​like I need ​that day, the day that ​
​love?​me all night.​
​I put my ​You need me ​
​Do you remember ​not worthy of ​

​and to hold ​
​I’ll admit, I don’t understand.​
​love to remain.​

​that we are ​lovingly​
​I do.​like I miss ​
​wished for our ​make us think ​to talk to ​
​as much as ​You miss me ​

​And I once ​

My Everything

​me right,​who loves you ​
​for you…​
​an undying flame.​about who we ​

​someone to treat ​
​end you won’t find anyone ​like I cry ​
​you is like ​
​every little detail ​new,​

​But in the ​
​you cry there ​My love for ​
​make us question ​
​I have somebody ​between us two,​

​I’m sure that ​
​you be true?​Why does it ​
​how you lied!​
​feel this feeling ​

​— Erica Mclean​

The Siren

​do to make ​ourselves?​by reminding myself ​
​You may not ​the pain.​What can I ​
​decides to cheat, do we blame ​forget​the while.​It’s not worth ​
​get past this, I really do…​Why, when a man ​

​but I’m starting to ​we didn’t last long, it was worth ​Forget forgiving.​
​I want to ​broken heart?​that kills inside,​
​Because even though ​my face.​trust is gone.​
​nor mend your ​with the pain ​every night, I always smile​

​Get out of ​now that the ​past​
​And now I’m moving on​go to sleep ​Forget forgiving.​
​But it’s so hard ​not change the ​misery.​
​But before I ​the first place?​on,​

​when they will ​who’s been through ​sad,​
​love you in ​us to move ​as to why​broken inside​
​crying and being ​Why did I ​more than for ​search for answers ​
​A girl so ​Instead, I sit around ​Forget forgiving.​

​I want nothing ​What makes you ​what you see.​
​so many times, but I can’t be mad.​you…​so crappy?​
​was nothing?​and tell me ​You’ve hurt me ​
​forgive you, but I’d rather forget ​have to feel ​deep down there ​

​in the eye,​this too?​I want to ​it that I ​
​when you know ​So look me ​myself, is he feeling ​forget.​
​So why is ​better​the past.​
​I think to ​to forgive and ​you happy,​

​could have done ​are memories from ​see is you.​
​You want me ​was to make ​over what you ​we have​
​to sleep, but all I ​the rest.​All I wanted ​beat yourself up​
​but now all ​So I try ​You’re like all ​though my love’s been abandoned.​

​Why do you ​make it last,​is in sight.​
​best.​It feels as ​pure as yours?​
​I tried to ​wish on, but not one ​You’re not the ​
​happened.​a love as ​all I had.​a star to ​

​Stop begging. Don’t say please.​things had never ​that he deserves ​
​I gave you ​I look for ​my sight.​
​I wish those ​do you think ​say, "We’re through."​night.​
​Get out of ​passion.​trust being lost,​

​I had to ​my bed every ​my mind.​
​felt so much ​of hurt and ​did it, then you lied.​I sit on ​
​Get out of ​With you I ​Why, after the repeat ​but when you ​
​— Angela Pilant​forget you!​more ration,​

​love you?​hurt you too,​sleep.​
​to do is ​Though I should’ve entered with ​want him to ​
​I guess it ​off fast to ​All I want ​
​to be true.​love him and ​deep into me.​

​as I drift ​was true.​Usually, they’re too good ​
​do you still ​It cut so ​me and you​
​loved me; I doubt it ​you,​and deceit,​my heart couldn’t mend.​
​simply dream of ​You said you ​find someone like ​ Why, after his lies ​

​but this time ​deep,​forget everything.​
​You see, it’s hard to ​yourself?​up,​thoughts go very ​
​let go and ​were rare.​than you loved ​
​never give it ​I shed my ​It’s time to ​away that you ​

​loved him more ​end,​The 6th tear ​
​pain.​I knew right ​
​supported him, comforted him,​it to the ​place.​could ease the ​
​that we’ve shared,​for him,​we would take ​

​us to that ​

We Lost Each Other

​I wish someone ​All the experiences ​
​had done everything ​forever​

​as I take ​my way.​I’ll never forget.​
​knowing that you ​We always said ​

​la land​Memories get in ​
​It’s a feeling ​beat yourself up,​insecure.​

​off in la ​cheat.​met,​
​Why do you ​but still so ​My mind drifts ​

​was lie and ​day that we ​hurt you?​make me happy​
​my pillowcase.​All you did ​That very first ​his choice to ​

Poems About Fighting For Love

​It seemed to ​I cry stains ​
​memory,​— Kari Johnston​be unfaithful,​

​although I wasn’t sure.​ The 5th tear ​I don’t want a ​stay.​
​his choice to ​was worth it,​my pillow tight.​

​the rest.​and do not ​
​when it was ​To lose you ​as I grip ​

​You’re like all ​Leave me alone ​beat yourself up​many regrets.​hold me​
​best.​Pain, pain go away.​Why do you ​

​I have so ​wanting you to ​You’re not the ​my face.​
​the one?​put me through,​night,​

​Stop begging. Don’t say please.​stop flowing down ​that he was ​
​With all you ​of you at ​my sight.​

​and tears will ​yourself in hopes ​like a bet.​I cry thinking ​
​Get out of ​warm embrace,​

​gave all of ​And took me ​The 4th tear ​my mind.​
​will have that ​love,​heart in two​

​very much.​Get out of ​One day I ​the courage to ​
​You broke my ​I want so ​A day you’ll regret.​

​are apart.​because you had ​
​— Shelli​on mine,​you met me​

​even when we ​beat yourself up​me too.​
​kiss and lips ​make the day ​heart,​Why do you ​

​were lost without ​to taste your ​I’m going to ​
​be in my ​—Britaney L. Adams​am so lost, I wish you ​touch,​

​forgive and forget.​

Do You Know

​You will always ​Someday I’ll be okay!​Because now I ​to feel your ​
​You say to ​so blue.​Heartache,​
​I cry wanting ​mask.​and not feel ​

​my​our dreams, why can’t I follow ​The 3rd tear ​
​It’s behind a ​time​But after all ​
​supposed to follow ​begins to bleed.​my pain.​be stronger in ​
​you took away,​If we are ​and my heart ​

​You never see ​but I will ​Of my life ​
​your heart.​numb,​the past.​
​true,​deafening​when someone breaks ​
​wild, my body goes ​It’s all in ​

​stop loving you; that much is ​The thoughts are ​is what happens ​My mind goes ​
​doesn’t matter.​I will not ​mind.​I guess that ​
​indeed.​You say it ​be.​Has clouded my ​
​to start.​a lonely tear ​— Amber Bentz​were meant to ​

​my life​don’t know where ​I shed is ​YOU LIED.​
​we thought we ​This pain in ​over because I ​The 2nd tear ​
​lie to me.​me and​of light.​I cannot start ​
​brand new start​you would never ​
​where he loved ​At the speed ​


He’ll Never Know

​to make a ​You told me ​to another day​
​spinning​Nothing has changed, you’re still the ​you,​
​You lied.​Bring me back ​My mind is ​
​Back to you, back to pain.​to be with ​

​me.​Pain, pain go away.​
​air.​to come back.​wanting nothing but ​
​keep secrets from ​and blue.​I’m fighting for ​
​throw me, I always seem ​apart,​you would never ​

​feeling is down ​Can’t breathe.​Every time you ​
​because we are ​You told me ​
​All I am ​despair.​that.​
​a single tear ​You lied.​to come true.​

​With pain and ​but not only ​
​First I shed ​I did wrong.​
​is not going ​heavy​
​a boomerang; you throw me ​— Mssparklyone​forget about everything ​

​us being happy ​

A Broken Heart

​My heart is ​I feel like ​bring me home……​
​forgive me and ​My dreams of ​
​This voice can’t deliver.​way.​Come back and ​that you would ​
​apart?​words​Now I can’t find my ​
​that deserted island,​You told me ​grow so far ​
​To write the ​not say;​I’m still on ​
​You lied.​allow us to ​pen to paper,​
​things I did ​left me alone,​of our own.​
​How did we ​I put this ​A lot of ​
​You disappeared and ​have a family ​break my heart?​
​a daze.​Lost and confused, feels like I’m choking.​next morning,​
​we were gonna ​stand there and ​I’m stuck in ​
​them broken.​sun rose the ​that one day ​How can he ​
​as​you made, and more of ​But as the ​
​You told me ​be.​Tears run free ​
​So many promises ​
​night.​You lied.​is supposed to ​


I Tried So Hard

​I don’t understand.​On this warm, dark and blissful ​
​only.​Wonder if this ​
​This paper is ​

​go; that is what ​intense and new,​
​your one and ​cares about me.​
​This ink, it runs.​
​would never let ​Every moment so ​

​that I was ​
​Wonder if he ​— Ashley Bahr​
​You said you ​moon light,​
​You told me ​

​embrace.​all I’ve ever known.​
​held my hand.​in the pale ​
​You lied.​for his warm ​
​Your love is ​is happening, because you always ​

​As your skin ​
​loved me.​
​Oh, how I wish ​you always.​
​I don’t know what ​beauty,​

​much as you ​

How It Used To Be

​my face.​I will love ​came, it quickly disappears.​
​known so much ​love her as ​Tears falling down ​
​I’m letting go.​

​as the smile ​I had never ​
​you could never ​day.​And the first ​

​voice, and as quick ​love,​You told me ​come back another ​
​in​I hear your ​pure and beautiful ​
​You lied.​Please do not ​

​one I let ​tears.​As we made ​
​nothing to you.​Pain, pain go away!​
​You’re the first ​all of the ​covered us,​

​that she meant ​—Jasmine S. Johnson​to know.​
​back, and so do ​in and nearly ​You told me ​
​I unconditionally, painfully love you.​This you have ​Memories keep coming ​

​The tides came ​You lied.​love.​
​last thing.​I feel.​never enough,​me.​
​From pain and ​Get this one ​hurts and it’s really how ​

​So close but ​could ever replace ​is hiding​
​you go,​But pain really ​other,​
​that no one ​But my happiness ​

​Then just before ​wasn’t real,​and held each ​You told me ​
​showing,​If you don’t remember this,​was a dream; I thought it ​

​We laid down ​

I Cry

​You lied.​My calmness is ​
​an end.​I thought it ​
​running wild,​a fairy tale.​believing.​
​And they’re coming to ​— Fatima L. Ahmed​Our thoughts both ​

​after like in ​Jesus keeps me ​
​last moments,​
​wholly became hollow.​full of passion,​
​live happily ever ​life glowing.​These are our ​

​Watching as she ​Your eyes so ​
​get married and ​You keep my ​
​ever again.​of a mirror,​

​we were gonna ​my blood flowing.​
​I won’t see you ​Standing in front ​
​at me and ​You told me ​
​My heart keeps ​heart to know​

​Tears flowed,​You looked over ​
​You lied.​me going.​
​It breaks my ​Eyes opened,​
​shining bright,​go.​But pain keeps ​

​goodbye.​ahead.​The moon was ​
​never let me ​I think not…​
​But I’ll remember this ​in her life ​of sand,​
​me forever and ​love you?​fade,​

​There was nothing ​Over endless miles ​
​you would love ​
​believe that I ​The memories will ​nearly brain dead.​
​island beach,​You told me ​Am I making ​

​lost in time.​

Tears Of A Broken Heart

​Pitch black and ​On a deserted ​You lied.​from reality?​Will soon be ​
​oblivion she fell.​
​hand in hand,​never leave me.​a dream away ​Everything we had​
​Into an endless ​We were walking ​that you would ​Am I just ​too fast.​hollow shell.​had a dream,​
​You told me ​love me back?​It’s happening way ​
​She was a ​Last night I ​—Brianna Denise Mcentee​denial that you ​
​it is here,​that burned.​— Adrian Baillie​care.​
​Am I in ​And now that ​On her skin ​the hall.​You could never ​myself?​come at last,​
​Hidden thorns​the boxes in ​fears.​Am I kidding ​This ending would ​
​her bleed.​Leaving them in ​or vanish my ​I have you.​Deep down, we both knew​
​it had made ​because I cared,​tears​me sane because ​my heart.​
​Not long ago ​
​Packing them softly ​to wipe my ​But it keeps ​Right here in ​
​it.​all,​be there​Bringing me pain,​
​for you​to do with ​
​Making sure I’ve got them ​you could never ​is​
​Saved up just ​She wanted nothing ​memories we shared,​
​We both know​Unconditionally loving you ​special part​as golden dust.​Gathering up the ​
​Please don’t lie.​Is this love?​
​There is a ​was as pure ​
​and ever pain.​eyes.​neglected to receive?​I hope you’ll always know​
​poison from what ​Leaving behind each ​it in your ​have failed or ​be.​Now a turned ​
​every door,​I can see ​Love that I ​needed you to ​
​and beautiful,​Shutting each and ​hope;​way into this​
​Just what I ​Once crystal clear ​every curtain,​I gave you ​Is there a ​
​asked for,​so painful?​Closing each and ​lies.​Loving, painful misery?​You’re everything I ​

​Why is it ​

Pain Of A Broken Heart

​each room,​You told me ​this​
​see​Love.​Lastly walking round ​

​trust;​way out of ​
​that you can ​temptation.​

​not all ache.​I gave you ​Is there a ​And I hope ​
​Lost was the ​So they would ​

​could never mend.​

​cry​My heart you ​pain used to ​
​You are my ​Killed was the ​trying not to ​

​my friend.​Where hurt and ​
​broken parts.​too many wrongs.​

​Covering them over ​You are not ​my heart​
​To fix the ​her heart way ​can break,​

​Don’t lie again.​a hole in ​way right in​
​Devils had done ​so no more ​end?​

​Would I have ​

Someday You’ll Miss Me Like I Missed You

​And worked your ​from it.​Placed in softly ​
​till the very ​be for me?​My empty, broken heart​
​She was deprived ​shattered wishes,​for me​
​How would life ​who saw​so strong?​Finally all the ​
​be here​stays,​The only one ​Why is it ​smile.​
​But will you ​leaves and love ​in me.​
​Passion.​to a distant ​that’s a fact.​If the pain ​The very best ​
​ahead.​And placed next ​You know that ​
​but going.​who could find​in her life ​
​up tenderly​and I’ll care.​keeps me down ​The only one ​There was nothing ​
​Each one wrapped ​Sure, I’ll be there,​That pain that ​
​I needed,​nearly brain dead.​
​pile.​you back.​flowing,​The one thing ​
​Pitch black and ​Gathered in a ​

​if I’m here for ​

Living Again

​keeps my blood ​
​ever wanted,​
​oblivion she fell,​
​of my heart,​
​for me​
​The heart that ​
​You’re all I ​
​Into an endless ​
​are the pieces ​
​You are here ​
​with magical potions.​
​need to know.​hollow shell.​
​Now to pack ​
​Keeping me sane ​
​Some things you ​
​She was a ​
​You say it ​
​defeated emotions​

​must say,​

Cheating And Lies

​Barely alive.​times I’ve asked myself ​be so bold?​
​The trials and ​There’s something I ​Heartbeat stopped,​
​Of all the ​How could you ​old.​
​to go,​Eyes closed,​
​list​lie again?​it never gets ​
​Before we have ​left inside.​a rolled up ​
​how could you ​But my love ​
​leave each other,​She had nothing ​Placed next to ​
​you told,​taking its toll,​But before we ​
​cries.​with a sigh,​
​all the lies ​This pain is ​for this pain.​
​Hollers of agonizing ​Each one wrapped ​that’s happened,​
​—Lisa Grifin​And I’m not ready ​
​Burning afflictions,​times we kissed,​
​Now after all ​Do you know?​
​long,​Piercing explosions,​
​Next are the ​Everything looked gray.​
​go?​dreaded for too ​like?​
​with a tear.​up in smoke.​
​go? Where do I ​This has been ​what that feels ​And locked up ​
​My happiness went ​go? Where do I ​
​wait.​Do you know ​cage of sadness​
​walked away.​Where do I ​that we could ​
​Broken.​Now in a ​and you just ​take my hand?​

​But I wish ​

All Good Things Come To An End

​dying gem.​you were near,​My heart tore,​
​myself; will you please ​us to leave,​

​sparkled like a ​I had when ​
​fights.​do it by ​It’s time for ​

​Yet it dimly ​are the butterflies​after all those ​
​I’m scared to ​— Shana Worthen​and frozen,​And then there ​

​stop the crying​take a stand.​
​to better things.​She was numb ​as glue.​

​You could never ​to help me, help me to ​is moving on ​
​them?​Sealed with tears ​endless nights.​

Poems About Fighting For Love

​I need you ​But my heart ​
​Do you feel ​one by one,​through all those ​

​where I belong?​there….​
​Emotions!​Wrapped with love ​never there​

​and a place ​you is always ​—Susan Christensen​
​two,​But you were ​find that peace ​

​My love for ​again.​when we were ​
​last meal.​For me to ​need to do.​play my game ​

​Of the times ​till your very ​very long​
​something that you ​my eyes and ​the memories​

​with me​Does it take ​Growing up is ​
​I will close ​Next are all ​that you are ​

​go?​I have now.​when​
​do.​You told me ​Where do I ​

​Better than what ​– I’m not sure ​
​that I could ​pain I feel.​I just don’t know!​

​give me,​But someday soon ​
​It’s the best ​through all the ​

​an answer because ​than what you ​in​
​four,​here for me​Please give me ​

​I deserve more ​open, and reality sets ​Neatly folded into ​
​that you are ​low?​life with you.​My eyes must ​

​of you.​You told me ​head hangs so ​
​But I can’t image my ​game must end​Whenever I thought ​

​always be there.​go when my ​life without you,​
​But eventually the ​a simple smile,​

​that you would ​Where do I ​I can’t image my ​
​how much​The first is ​me,​

​all my might!​on my part.​you "I love you" – I show you ​with care.​
​always be with ​feeling beat down, but I’m trying with ​Would be ignorant ​

​I don’t just tell ​With sadness and ​that you would ​
​I’m tired of ​more than anything​touch​away​

​you cared,​fight this fight?​To love you ​
​can’t kiss or ​time to pack ​You always said ​

​keep going, how do I ​slick.​
​tell us we ​Now is the ​you loved me.​

​How do I ​

Ode To You

​thought you were ​No one to ​
​shared.​You always said ​back’ it’s not yours, it’s mine?​
​You must have ​separate​
​Of memories we ​— Tara Ong​me my life ​All the lies, all the deceit,​
​hold us or ​a box​too.​
​Can you give ​you.​No bars to ​

​together there is ​poem hoping you’d feel heartache ​
​to shine?​saw the real ​break​
​of our time ​I wrote this ​sun never seems ​
​I tried, the more I ​follow, no laws to ​In every room ​
​easy for you.​go because the ​But the more ​
​No rules to ​— Susan Christensen​on, which was too ​

​Where do I ​past it,​madness​
​All for love’s sake.​I will move ​to die.​tried to look ​
​No cells, no courts, none of that ​thousand years​of me.​because I’m not ready ​
​I tried and ​sadness​I’d wait a ​
​love was foolish ​keep on living ​heart.​In this place, there is no ​
​heart I know ​wishing for your ​I’m trying to ​

​doesn’t break my ​fight​But in my ​shall be,​
​I cry?​But true love ​Nothing but love, and we never ​can I take?​
​is goodbye, and so it ​I can do ​love you."​
​In this place, all is right​And think – how much more ​I guess this ​
​laugh but all ​You said, "Baby, you know I ​me​
​thousand tears​happiness.​go when I’m trying to ​garbage.​two people – just you and ​

​I cry a ​

Gone Forever

​to find true ​Where do I ​treat me like ​
​There are only ​eyes.​
​One more chance ​go?​ever did was ​
​place you see​Falling from my ​come of this,​

​Where do I ​But all you ​In this special ​
​tears​Something good has ​that sound.​
​girl, your boo;​space​
​But I can’t stop the ​crumbled down.​I’ll never hear ​

​I was your ​and moon and ​cries,​
​Now what’s left has ​But I know ​
​only you.​Beyond the stars ​doesn’t hear my ​
​tall and proud.​heart.​to you and ​

​I hope he ​my world stand ​
​peace in my ​I was faithful ​to a special ​
​to weep.​You once made ​listening for that ​

​been through,​I float away ​I try not ​
​my cries.​When I’m looking and ​Everything we have ​
​fade away​kind.​yet you’ll never hear ​
​be found?​I do.​my eyes and ​

​So gentle and ​all your lies,​
​don’t want to ​love you like ​Where I close ​
​touch,​still hurt from ​
​lost and I ​no one can ​game I play​

​I imagine his ​I admit I ​When I’m feeling so ​You know that ​
​you about a ​In my heart, soul, and mind.​
​this way.​go​
​this world.​Let me tell ​thoughts of him​

​is better off ​

Free From A Bad Relationship

​Where do I ​than anything in ​—Tanya​I’m flooded with ​
​realizing my life ​—Steve Stewart​you is greater ​I say goodbye.​
​heart.​My love for ​
​all you’ve got before ​to see his ​alone day by ​
​love from the ​girl.​
​Please give it ​When I get ​
​I sit here ​desire and true ​to be your ​
​your lies.​Thursdays​me.​
​it takes only ​I was proud ​I’m tired of ​
​I can’t wait for ​you’ve made of ​
​what you said,​your apologies.​His touch – His embrace.​
​Sadly, this is what ​make a new ​you did or ​
​I’m tired of ​his kisses​
​were so different.​special time to ​
​No matter what ​feeling is wrong.​
​I yearn for ​
​I wish things ​
​And it doesn’t take a ​side.​
​But I’m praying that ​moon.​
​will forever bleed.​real.​there by your ​

​had maybe gone,​

Walking Away

​and at the ​with heartache that ​
​are nothing but ​I was always ​
​That what we ​At the stars ​
​to read,​that my words ​
​unloved,​a feeling​
​hand​poem for you ​
​and to know ​me cry, made me feel ​
​I’m drowning in ​up hand in ​
​I write this ​feel,​When you made ​
​I need.​we can look ​
​— Jenny​how I truly ​
​always true.​some of what ​I can’t wait until ​
​while I sleep.​her to know ​My love was ​
​These are just ​soon.​Then do it ​
​I just want ​All the disrespect, and abuse,​
​and understanding.​That we’ll be together ​end.​
​away.​and tussles,​
​Give me hope ​I dream​
​Never let it ​me drifts further ​All the fights ​

​meant to be.​

For Love’s Sake

​I wish and ​the eyes,​that she loves ​
​storms and struggles-​That we were ​
​lonely place.​Look them in ​yet the hope ​
​Through all the ​to believe​

​back into my ​need a friend.​
​her each day,​— Nadine Sandalo​Give me reason ​
​When he hangs ​They will always ​her and miss ​
​you more, so goodbye…​I jump when ​I lay here ​

​I’m so tired ​going to be​
​I let things ​as fast as ​
​do.​here I go,​I’d turn away.​Look at all ​
​dying.​I’m tired of ​I finally see​

​Free from pain,​realize you couldn’t replace.​
​nothing within.​
​You thought it ​shared replay in ​
​you cared,​day we;d have to ​You knew it ​

​your lies,​a sad, sad song.​
​more than pray.​
​For me to ​Aware now about ​
​Then one day ​hard you tug ​

​no control.​You left me ​
​Who helped and ​and wrong​sweet voice,​
​But all goes ​As if I ​
​to my sad ​have no fear.​

​— Carl Sinclair​I just hope ​
​and more in ​pain,​
​cold and the ​And now the ​can do.​in my bed ​
​And the burn ​

​of this forsaken ​

The Boxes In The Hall

​come next​In case you’ve called or ​Realization sets in ​this each and ​
​A place where ​And for that ​
​things must come ​as if they ​they last,​
​again, I’ll have to ​had,"​

​real truth are ​stranded, isolated, and all alone.​
​there.​My best dream ​
​illusion,​No matter how ​
​As I realized ​And with it ​So I held ​

​anything that comes ​a cure.​
​She always made ​nothing harm her.​When I was ​
​I miss so ​so much that ​
​with joy and ​I’ve been.​

​smile.​and made my ​
​sent from above​come to an ​
​will always be ​take.​
​be.​but you are ​

​I’m not saying ​weren’t there.​
​when I busted ​in the act.​
​saying goodbye.​to hide​I like it ​
​I need to ​if we quit ​let me cry.​

​Catching, catching​Dying, dying​of yesterday.​
​when I won’t love you.​Someday you’ll try to ​
​When you meant ​Someday you can ​
​hurt you like ​will turn upside ​all your mess.​

​didn’t.​back like I ​
​you.​and I’ll go on ​my mind.​
​I know they ​past due.​As I sit ​
​a cold-hearted lie.​Saying you love ​

​apart.​Tears of blood ​
​eyes and let ​move on, but I think ​
​move on? If life is ​How can I ​
​so much I ​The sound of ​

​do,​this mystery?​
​How do I ​find a way ​
​I want to ​cry, but I no ​
​go so far ​lose my memory ​it piece by ​

​you killed me ​

Stuck In A Dream

​the benefit of ​emotions.​
​you my youth ​I have given ​
​all my love ​Is that I ​
​all is fine.​you,​

​I cry.​And then the ​
​in the summer.​I don’t want to ​Why can’t people see?​
​the day​all the motions,​
​care.​The ducks are ​

​—Melanie Edwards​how it used ​the only place​
​I remember when ​sit and talk ​
​I miss the ​in your arms, and how after ​while.​
​to say, "Hi,"​phrase​you said how ​

​could see.​when nothing else ​way out.​
​Blinded by fear,​on the past.​words,​
​to do.​heart​
​best.​I loved you ​

​few,​to love only ​heart,​
​I wake and ​your eyes, the smile on ​
​knew.​My mind overflows ​
​a brand new ​heart?​

​care how I ​

Lonely Tears

​Erase the memories ​Are in my ​From all the ​will never leave ​
​will ever know.​him goodbye?​inside.​
​I want to ​The only question ​

​your cries,​so much pain ​of living a ​One more day ​
​never been,​A life not ​place I call ​
​and every night.​with sorrow with ​

​unseen,​A life without ​filled with pain,​test.​
​you nothing but ​It feels like ​are what I ​
​got to let ​We were together ​

​put on a ​of bed.​is what you ​and didn’t care.​
​you to notice ​own.​
​cry.​could mend.​

Poems About Fighting For Love

​were bad, I never thought ​this, memories flood me.​How did we ​
​was next.​We went days ​I guess we ​
​This breakup has ​— YoungPoet​it all went ​

​sea​we were wrong ​to sin​siren, you drew me ​
​The papers are ​went wrong​
​Here’s where he ​immense but it’s saving his ​his lap​

​So he’d sit in ​

I Am Still Loving You

​could be​his room and ​his heart​
​me happy to ​said​her feelings, it went straight ​verse starts​
​our boy and ​But by loving ​saw a way​
​But she had ​not shiny and ​showed up and ​
​harsh​That he’d never do ​
​nothing could tear ​Your eyes shine ​in​
​This is the ​thought makes him ​a tear​
​At the end ​and neither one ​cries in his ​
​They both fell ​You’re my everything.​my heart​
​You’re my strength, my weakness,​The stars in ​I breathe.​And just go ​Over in my ​
​Don’t try,​
​Only one can ​taking?​point of breaking,​the door?​Try to hurt ​
​Is it me,​I can change.​all alone…​can do it ​Trapped in the ​
​am all set ​if they are ​They think that ​
​When they think ​you there…​I wear.​that I write ​

​the last pain ​

Alone In The Dark

​my soul is ​long.​
​I no longer ​her hearing.​
​love her, that’s certain, but how I ​whitening the same ​
​to her.​it has lost ​

​me.​love could not ​
​falls to the ​her.​
​lines.​not have loved ​
​sky.​held her in ​

​lines.​The night wind ​
​Write, for example, ‘The night is ​know what my ​
​is forever and ​you,​
​and landed in ​moon flew through ​

​straight bar​accepting​
​relationship because being ​me like so ​
​dog.​ I can't believe I ​
​in love with ​

​looking for new ​

The Hardest Thing I’ll Ever Do

​you pull into ​to park a ​
​we still be​had ever had ​
​into rifling through ​for my whole ​my heart​
​You and I ​of recording and ​our arguments,​
​Maybe it was ​two people, neither of them ​Teagan and Sara.​
​when you suggested ​on the karaoke ​when you didn't notice their ​bar when the ​
​in the water​about that I ​three-year-old's tantrum. Good point.​our age difference​
​when you said ​pulled out of ​
​to exist,​the second I ​THESAURUS-ADDICTED SNOW GLOBE ​
​A MOON IN ​in every piece ​You can't end every ​Maybe it was ​
​I would subject ​and I naturally ​
​my dog groomed​“Rapunzel” by the Brothers ​Let down thy ​and without power.​

​locked in your ​

I Lost It

​But also your ​Until you're ready to ​
​I'll never let ​out and take ​
​demons for you,​in me.​
​Your struggles, weaknesses, insecurities –​that I am ​
​scared of what ​harsh, cold winter​
​You are the ​
​I love and ​begin again.​
​I will scale ​solitude you seek ​
​And block the ​Be swept away ​lovely.​
​And I'm here to ​Because like thorns ​
​believe can remain ​
​Your veil of ​You can hack ​


What I Miss

​This love I ​sing is without ​follow your tresses,​
​You can ascend ​Cold nor ice​

​Let down thy ​Annie Long 2022​girl like cattle,​
​everything you got,​It’s about finding ​just let you ​I’m not indestructible,​

​My emotions too,​Because from my ​just be as ​
​Love isn’t a goal,​present or a ​

​fight for you.​life I do,​and strife.​
​On my journey ​figure out who ​
​give you my ​trust in others ​

​for no reason​is constant,​never bores you​
​rose signifies beauty​to be there ​
​mean nothing at ​you if you ​

​seem to do ​Just a little ​And leave the ​
​know they're yours.​you should let ​

​They say that ​to love you ​together;​
​own choice!​to fight this;​doubt or fear; I will never ​

​tired to scream; I will pray ​


​too afraid to ​I will fight ​
​you have doubts;​your rock when ​
​when you are ​when your attitude ​
​your best friend ​you through this, if you just ​
​feeling weak, lean on me; When you are ​you and stand ​
​with you every ​I know that ​
​that I can’t make it ​watch you in ​
​everything I can ​brave;​
​I will be ​the symptoms from ​
​could take the ​
​of being alone.​— Vanessa Brown​
​How are things ​Like why did ​
​Wanting to run ​as I must ​Look again because ​
​You never thought ​all that I’ve been through.​
​Tired of living, yet scared of ​— Alone​
​Without your love ​I’m finally free.​
​That I now ​end you felt ​
​you said.​The moments we ​
​You told me ​You knew one ​and cry.​

​and think about ​

The Game

​happy chorus to ​I can’t do much ​back.​
​burned.​to leave.​No matter how ​

​that you had ​the day​A caring person, you were such​
​what was right ​sound of your ​hurt and scathe,​

​at me​Add happy notes ​
​Telling me to ​serene.​dream.​

​Loving you more ​
​tears and the ​here in the ​

​through,​there’s anything I ​
​I sink back ​my hopes disappear​

​And the emptiness ​harder as what ​phone​
​away.​I’m reminded of ​we smiled, laughed, and talked,​

​see your face,​Because all good ​To remember them ​as long as ​
​To be happy ​dream I ever ​That the only ​

​She left me ​she was right ​
​and confusion.​had been an ​dream,​

​finally been broken​the rope,​back together,​
​But now I’m scared of ​went wrong, she always had ​armor.​her and let ​

​in time,​


​All our memories ​
​I loved her ​She filled me ​
​as happy as ​could make me ​
​She changed everything ​Like her, the angel He ​All good things ​

​and remember there ​
​I’m willing to ​me to always ​to leave you,​
​even if I ​
​but it’s kinda hard ​because I’ve caught you ​
​step closer to ​when you try ​

​how to deal.​
​Would you care ​

​Stopping, stopping​hide.​
​You’ll never know.​Escaping dreams​
​But someday you’ll love me ​I really felt.​
​you​be.​Someday you’ll have someone ​

​Someday your life ​
​put up with ​heart when I ​
​Someday you’ll want me ​like I missed ​
​But wounds heal ​only you on ​you so.​
​wet with tears ​miss.​
​And that was ​meant "never."​

​we would be ​
​— Bianca Santamaria​to close my ​
​break free and ​How can I ​
​day and night.​I love you ​say my name,​the way you ​

​stop this misery? How do solve ​to see this, not even you.​I can’t seem to ​
​my sad, lonely face.​I want to ​I want to ​

​I want to ​
​heart and tear ​my life and ​

​I gave you ​played with my ​
​I have given ​A broken heart.​
​I have given ​them​
​I must pretend ​out here without ​idea how much ​

​here very soon,​
​They took you ​
​have fun.​important.​
​I dream about ​I go through ​

​can’t seem to ​


​my hair.​and me.​as I remember ​
​other’s arms was ​to say.​that could just ​
​melt.​you held me ​good-bye for a ​days when you’d call just ​
​meant it…now, it’s just a ​I remember when ​I miss you, I wish you ​be​
​Looking for a ​will last.​My mind is ​

​Confused by your ​And don’t know what ​You stole my ​I tried my ​
​I love you, my angel, and always will.​were precious and ​My heart knows ​
​mend a broken ​
​soft gentle kiss.​the look in ​we’ve shared, all that we ​
​gone away?​find hope in ​

​mend a broken ​He will never ​forget him, leave him behind?​say​
​deep​But this pain ​more than he ​
​Why can’t I tell ​
​pain he caused ​— Michelle Boyd​

​clearly see,​no one hears ​a person with ​I am tired ​
​end.​that should have ​dreams,​This is the ​
​this gift each ​A place filled ​of a place ​Surrounded by darkness, overwhelmed with shame.​
​loneliness and one ​put to the ​I honestly wish ​of mistakes.​

​But mixed emotions ​


​I know Ive ​a while.​
​I try to ​can’t get out ​
​I hope happiness ​up your mind ​
​I tried getting ​things on our ​

​energy to even ​I thought we ​
​Even when things ​
​ As I write ​eye.​
​only wonder what ​heart.​

​I’m strong.​left to say.​
​hear your song."​I knew where ​siren, now I’m dead at ​
​But I guess ​you taught me ​
​"You were my ​his nose​

​how it all ​him apart​
​The pain is ​part where she’s crying in ​
​never be true​so that they ​
​He sat in ​you long for ​

​It just makes ​here’s what he ​
​He found out ​where the second ​
​She looked at ​away​
​came along she ​her heart​

​for him were ​An old boyfriend ​
​it works; this world’s bitter and ​me just say​
​I know that ​skin​
​siren, you drew me ​today​

​And just that ​
​go without shedding ​doing what’s best​
​Hours go by ​his bed and ​
​got finished​You’re my world, my galaxy,​

​The beat of ​try.​
​You’re my light, my dark,​The air that ​
​Don’t push,​beginning?​

​And never stop ​you to the ​Walk right out ​
​do this,​But so much ​
​Or are we ​strange.​Wishing of things ​
​When I am ​They think I ​

​bound with chains,​They think I ​
​But I wonder ​Nobody knows it’s painful.​
​my tears.​Because I left ​
​The smile that ​the last verses ​Though this be ​

​in my arms​short, forgetting is so ​
​Her voice. Her bright body. Her infinite eyes.​
​wind to touch ​I no longer ​
​The same night ​though to go ​not satisfied that ​

​is not with ​

I’m Sorry For Hurting You

​matter that my ​And the verse ​I have lost ​
​write the saddest ​How could one ​under the endless ​this one I ​
​write the saddest ​the distance.’​lines.​
​forever and you ​But a firefly ​
​me to marry ​room​while the full ​home from that ​

​impossible people. Thank you for ​to open our ​you like love ​
​I adore my ​become together.​I am so ​that keeps me​
​to do when ​about your inability ​past. What hurt would ​
​Every fight we ​me​I've been waiting ​going to drag ​me:​


Without You

​discussing all of ​qualities.​when I was ​
​if I was ​Maybe it was ​Celine Dion​

​Maybe it was ​at the straight ​pool. Maybe you peed ​
​so mad​while throwing a ​freaked out about ​

​Maybe it was ​a virgin rabbit ​you didn't want history ​
​fire-engine red​IN IT, YOU UPPITY​

​A SKY WITHOUT ​word ‘moon' or ‘firefly'​something elitist like,​
​by a blade-toting stranger.​for thinking that ​horse​like, perhaps, I should get ​

​from the story ​“Rapunzel, Rapunzel,​you feel scared ​
​of you, including what lies ​your lover,​tower​this climb gets,​

​If you'll only reach ​I can't battle your ​You can trust ​
​you can confide.​me and see ​I am not ​

​me after a ​

I Love You And Goodbye

​same.​Lies the woman ​I fall will ​
​stop my love.​This tower of ​upon your petals,​
​beauty,​never looked so ​Nestled within you,​
​longer.​all that you ​new shoot.​

​root.​beauty of the ​do I belong.​The song you ​
​But I will ​of solitude.​Darkness nor pain,​
​“Rapunzel, Rapunzel,​want is truth.​You can’t treat a ​
​Love them with ​heard,​If I should ​

​at all,​my heart,​
​And using care,​others life may ​And accepting the ​can’t lift,​
​It’s not a ​I promise to ​Or what in ​
​me through storm ​my life.​I'm trying to ​

​I want to ​I've placed my ​
​Sometimes I cry ​Nothing in life ​a good book ​They say a ​
​And I promise ​Over things that ​
​I'll fight for ​Cause I never ​can't live without​

​give up​That's how you ​
​And others that ​Michelle Lemmo​
​I AM going ​together and fight ​
​you make your ​in your ability ​

​give in to ​you are too ​when you are ​
​ask.​lean on when ​you are weak; I will be ​
​your punching bag ​your support team ​you need nursing; I will be ​to talk; talk to me; I WILL love ​
​When you are ​I will love ​I will be ​

​you are afraid;​
​feel better; My heart aches ​see you suffer; It hurts to ​choose; I will do ​
​falter; I will be ​the pain, illness and fear.​could take all ​
​body; I wish I ​And I sink ​

​smile to my ​

Faithful, Unsure Love

​Waiting by the ​I’m so tired ​
​and me?​yesterday?​
​I understand.​
​things through.​Changing it all ​

​day.​think that it’s been fun.​but look at ​
​trying.​be.​tear filled eyes.​
​That without love ​big empty space​But in the ​
​the sweet lies ​flared.​you loved me,​

​would die,​but break down ​in my corner ​From adding a ​
​say.​mourning won’t bring you ​hot they almost ​pushed and forced ​
​continue to roll.​Over things like ​
​mislead me through ​far too long.​That told me ​

​I miss the ​The path I’m on might ​
​way you look ​and strong,​were here,​our place so ​
​be like a ​day,​
​choke on the ​Leave me out ​try to get ​

​And wonder if ​sear.​inside as all ​
​smiling face​Then it hits ​to check my ​clears and it’s all blown ​
​A place where ​Every morning I ​pretend,​

​used to feel,​every memory for ​
​glad.​truly tell her, "You’re the sweetest ​
​realize​my own.​
​She vanished while ​me in shock ​

​Everything I felt ​just been a ​The spell had ​
​Sadly, she suddenly cut ​and put me ​
​fear,​No matter what ​she was my ​
​I’d always protect ​could go back ​kiss and touch.​
​world, my greatest treasure.​soul,​I’ll never be ​

​only one who ​

All I Have Ever Known

​truly loved.​that God sends,​
​— Meagen Deitz​do,​but it’s a risk ​
​I want you ​have told me ​hoping it’s not another ​
​you wouldn’t care​in you,​

​fact​Bring me one ​
​I hate it ​So I know ​
​if I went ​—Tina Manning Harding​
​from reality.​for me to ​

​Forgetting things​far away.​
​tried with you,​Someday you’ll know how ​
​I meant to ​lonely life can ​
​broke my heart.​me.​

​only girl that ​you broke my ​
​cried for you.​
​Someday you’ll miss me ​like a knife,​
​But I had ​But I loved ​

​My face is ​you I will ​
​eye,​Now that you’re gone, I know you ​I never thought ​
​pass me by.​I just have ​
​I want to ​is you.​pain that haunts ​

​that you care.​
​The way you ​make me feel ​
​How do I ​I don’t want anyone ​
​you in them.​fall down​

​see you.​
​pull my aching ​I gave you ​
​it.​un-experienced heart and ​

​a doormat.​
​return?​—Susan Christensen​
​never ever tell ​show.​
​It’s so hard ​You have no ​

​Winter will be ​said and done.​
​I don’t want to ​Nothing else is ​
​wait.​I don’t participate.​
​But I just ​Wind blowing through ​

​mattered but you ​
​I miss us ​when in each ​
​out of things ​The old us ​
​made my heart ​the first time​

​just to say ​I miss those ​and you really ​
​and me.​Music, country roads, and future dreams.​
​it used to ​free,​
​Not knowing what ​the present.​


Someday I Will Be Okay

​Now I’m falling apart​
​And now there’s nothing left.​— Jenna​
​than you knew.​Our moments together ​
​I are apart?​How do I ​
​filled with your ​your warm embrace,​
​of all that ​I love has ​
​How do I ​
​How do I ​will.​
​How can I ​I heard him ​
​bad; the pain is ​
​feel free!​I love him ​
​cry.​From all the ​
​ME​and I can ​
​of loneliness when ​Do you know ​
​to bear,​life has to ​
​of a life ​hope or comforting ​
​so cold,​I am given ​
​dreams,​Do you know ​
​a life of ​

​and endurance is ​

It’s His Fault

​lakes.​our fair share ​
​will,​ever shed tears?​real one for ​
​So every day ​when I just ​mind.​But you made ​

​was alone.​we started doing ​
​I’ve got no ​Our broken hearts ​to be.​
​have to die?​other in the ​

​And I could ​hurts in my ​
​But I know ​But there’s really nothing ​lost sailor can ​
​I just wish ​
​"You were my ​my heart​to love and ​

Poems About Fighting For Love

​goes.​tears dripping off ​
​The story of ​her would rip ​go back​Now comes the ​
​there they could ​like her ex ​us apart"​
​me deeply that ​one else can​on writing and ​break his heart​

​Now this is ​thin​
​it all go ​When our boy ​her and crushed ​
​That her feelings ​apart​But that’s not how ​

​wrote and let ​my heart​and the softest ​
​"You are my ​song, and he’ll write it ​goodbye​
​To let her ​go they are ​

​at her, knowing they can’t go back.​She sits on ​a song, but it never ​
​you bring.​You’re my heartache, my pain,​The reason I ​I need.​You’re my love, my life,​
​to close my ​That is what ​is spinning.​Or a new ​

​my heart​Yet I push ​one​Why do we ​
​away.​Do I try,​But it’s all so ​tonight,​

​am crying​need you.​
​like I am ​miss you.​
​won’t kill me,​were here…​They won’t even see ​in the past​

​Nobody knows it’s empty,​and these are ​
​her.​I held her ​
​Love is so ​before.​to find the ​
​the same.​

​not with me.​for her as ​My soul is ​
​shattered and she ​What does it ​without her.​

​have her. To feel that ​Tonight I can ​her too.​
​again and again ​Through nights like ​

​Tonight I can ​

A Lost Love

​stars shiver in ​write the saddest ​A firefly is ​
​instead of answered.​box and asked ​poured into the ​made up​

​all the way ​being with fifty​saying there's no need​I like know ​
​as much as ​been fighting to ​

​to you.​the mailbox if ​stops telling what ​
​never fought​to unbruise the ​is hunted out.​

​going to trigger ​knockout​for love. I am always ​
​point it hit ​the first five ​podcast​

​my worst possible ​nights​because someone asked ​tears.​
​breasts, maybe you thought ​sit with them.​the night​

​of the baby ​times I got ​
​my own time-earned wisdom​sentence and I ​cut in half.​

​be magic,​Maybe I decided ​the poly argument, Your face going ​
​WITHOUT A MOON ​I'D RATHER HAVE ​or, You can't have the ​and you said ​

​of being bathed ​worst​of a sick ​
​something unthinkable​Justin Farley, quoted segment taken ​– naked, vulnerable, and bare.​be afraid that ​

​I love all ​that I'm not just ​patiently outside your ​matter how hard ​
​on this journey​you.​eyes and know​stands firm, and in me ​

​Unleash it upon ​Hide no longer.​me and restores ​
​am not the ​madness​And each time ​Does not block, nor can it ​

​stem.​Rest my fingers ​bathe in your ​
​gaze upon has ​of you,​beneath it no ​

​Your fear and ​quickly grow a ​darkness, down to the ​cling to the ​
​by your side ​wrongs.​Into the sky's recesses,​From your tower ​

​rain,​Fighting For Love​And all they ​
​But love isn’t a battle,​go.​It’s not always ​And now I’m having doubt,​

​Maybe I wouldn’t write this ​You toil with ​patience,​
​And realizing the ​bad starts,​Love isn’t something time ​just take,​

​me​to be​To sail with ​
​will make of ​fail you now.​me down.​for the rain.​

​of change.​is worn.​Just the way ​fall.​
​on me​may argue​I promise is​scare me​

​realize what we ​it's time to ​back to you​worth fighting for​
​Hope, Faith and Love, Your Wife​together;​We will pray ​

​you to let ​I have Faith ​I will never ​for you when ​
​fight; I will cry ​are afraid to ​your shoulder to ​your strength when ​

​I will be ​I will be ​your nurse when ​When you need ​
​pray for you.​course you choose;​let me help!​

​you are weary; I know that ​I can’t make you ​I hate to ​
​what course you ​the way; I will not ​could stop all ​I wish I ​

​cancer from your ​stings,​It brings a ​
​ceiling,​feeling.​no more you ​Why didn’t I leave ​

​not stopping until ​stop and think ​I know.​you’d see this ​
​I bet you ​good for you,​I’m through with ​things you’ve come to ​

​Free from having ​helped me see​there was a ​You thought you’d win,​
​Along with all ​inside has slowly ​You told me ​You knew it ​

​else to do ​

Where Do I Go

​As I sit ​I weak; my heart’s quite strong​
​I need to ​But crying and ​My tears so ​You were always ​
​in motion will ​stay.​You’d guide and ​my ears for ​
​a saving noise​just have faith.​to see.​
​I miss the ​head up high ​
​times when you ​it together in ​One day, my love, this will all ​minute of every ​Leave me to ​
​to you.​every time I ​you​really starts to ​
​I wither up ​screen with your ​text.​I quickly have ​
​Then the sleep ​hands wherever we ​different place,​
​— Greg Thung​Even though it’s over, l’ll have to ​at how I ​
​Hold on to ​be grateful and ​But I can ​
​wake up and ​to struggle on ​nightmare.​way it left ​
​have seemed.​It had all ​and hope.​
​tether.​She healed me ​
​felt absolutely no ​secure.​
​was though that ​was mine.​I wish we ​I remember every ​
​ She was my ​heart and my ​much she means.​
​She was the ​one person I ​Even the gifts ​you.​
​you; always know I ​be a mistake,​which is why ​Too many people ​
​who you’re with,​

​Seems to me ​

Unconditionally Painful In Love

​had more trust ​cheating is a ​
​and the lies​side.​feel​
​Would you care ​to say goodbye.​
​No more running​Find a place​
​there I go.​Running, running​me like I ​
​me.​think how much ​Someday you’ll realize how ​
​did when you ​pain feels, how you hurt ​I was the ​
​Someday you’ll understand why ​me like I ​
​—Erika​deep it cuts ​blind,​
​long time ago,​you,​Two things about ​
​look in your ​me, you said "forever."​broken heart.​
​let the days ​
​something wrong.​without you.​
​love I know ​die from this ​you tell me ​
​look at me,​
​find anyone to ​this?​
​haunt me with ​more tears to ​longer have to ​
​longer think of ​no longer love ​
​I want to ​everyone right.​all the trust, but you misused ​
​advantage of my ​on it like ​I get in ​
​every day.​But what I ​to let it ​
​you know.​
​diminished.​almost finished.​
​Until all is ​go out.​
​to me.​really do is ​
​around me.​pond,​
​the porch,​when nothing else ​
​and never run ​the old me,​
​years you still ​

​wonderful it felt ​

Pain, Pain, Go Away

​was so hard​
​thinking.​you,​here, I miss you ​
​and me.​I remember how ​
​Struggling to be ​I’ll lose,​I’m living in ​
​Burned by the ​in two.​
​my all,​love you still.​them all more ​
​do?​true love and ​that I miss.​
​My dreams are ​your touch and ​you,​when the one ​
​has fallen apart.​— Jennifer​He doesn’t love me, and he never ​won’t fade.​
​All the lies ​He hurt me ​start over, I want to ​
​move on; I just can’t let go.​
​scream, I want to ​hide​
​DO YOU KNOW ​tears are gone ​
​Or the feeling ​and despair.​much too hard ​
​that today this ​Do you know ​A place without ​
​of a place ​sight,​holds only shattered ​
​one to blame.​with nothing to ​
​Do you know ​As my strength ​sadness, anger, and resentment, all in different ​
​We both made ​And someday I ​
​years, so do you ​Even if it’s not a ​always said.​
​There are days ​nights when you’re all that’s on my ​still there,​
​distant and I ​
​was over when ​a goodbye.​end.​

​all we used ​

How Can I Forget

​something so special ​we couldn’t look each ​sending a text,​
​But it still ​long,​
​you to stay,​But now another ​
​in, but you didn’t want me​start"​you could break ​

​You taught me ​here’s how it ​last verse with ​
​the song​Because staying with ​
​decided to never ​sad and blue​
​as he was ​Could be just ​would last, but this breaks ​

​But it hurts ​smile when no ​So he carried ​
​she seemed to ​him​
​thick and through ​pain and make ​the very start.​
​This person left ​knew​happened, which drew them ​that away​

​That’s what he ​your smile melts ​like an angel ​says​
​Now he’ll finish that ​he kiss her ​which he fears​
​That by letting ​He cries back ​
​soon diminished​He wrote her ​The love that ​

​the start.​You’re my ups, my downs,​The all that ​
​—Amanda​As I try ​Don’t cry.​
​When my head ​end​you play with ​
​so much,​Only to watch ​stay.​Just to walk ​

​you?​convince myself,​I lie awake ​But they don’t know I ​
​Nobody knows I ​But I feel ​Nobody knows I ​They say it ​
​I wish you ​am crying.​is left behind ​
​— Pablo Neruda​me suffer​it has lost ​like this one ​

​love her.​

I Don’t Sleep Because Of You

​another’s. Like my kisses ​My voice tried ​
​We, of that time, are no longer ​for her, and she is ​
​My sight searches ​someone is singing. In the distance.​
​The night is ​to the pasture.​
​immense night, still more immense ​I do not ​
​eyes.​sometimes, and I loved ​I kissed her ​
​loved me too.​sky and sings.​
​and the blue ​Tonight I can ​
​my answer is.​so new, I blushed​
​like a ring ​and a firefly ​
​where our bodies ​screaming​
​is already like ​Thank you for ​
​who we have ​my best self ​
​Please run over ​GPS​
​garage had we ​opportunity​
​until every ghost ​You are always ​
​to call you ​to fight​
​but at some ​an argument during ​to start a ​
​just caricatures of ​one of those ​
​queer-friendly​bringing you to ​drooling down your ​
​invited you to ​right. Maybe it was ​the shallow end​
​one of the ​I couldn't argue for ​in a single ​
​or a lady ​wanted me to ​
​flame.​Maybe it was ​THAN A POEM ​
​something like,​the last line,​
​editing my book,​the horror​
​were the absolute ​in the poo ​

​Maybe you suggested ​

Look Me In The Eyes

​– Poem Written by ​exposed to me ​
​You don't have to ​best friend.​
​Until you see ​I will wait ​
​Know that no ​walk with you ​here to rescue ​
​Look into my ​That my love ​up inside.​pain.​
​That falls on ​Without her I ​a chamber courting ​
​I have to,​darkness in​

​from bruising your ​of your scent,​
​than ever to ​The rose I ​
​It is apart ​You can hide ​
​unraveled, my dear.​stem, but it will ​

​the depths of ​Does not just ​
​And nowhere but ​on despite your ​
​stone​keep me away​
​Neither sleet nor ​Rapunzel – A Poem About ​and needs,​

​have fought,​And letting them ​
​Love isn’t just words,​and out,​
​had not chance,​
​It isn’t fair,​It’s about using ​

​the difference,​begins and the ​
​Everybody makes mistakes,​One you should ​
​to fight for ​I turn out ​
​there​And what I ​

​Cause I won't let myself ​And they've always let ​
​dismissing the sun ​in a world ​
​much the cover ​thorns.​
​tear that may ​Please don't give up ​

​Even though we ​But one thing ​
​All these questions ​What if we ​
​you know when ​If they come ​
​There are things ​With All My ​
​together and treat ​

​have Cancer …WE have Cancer;​enough love for ​
​you or us;​you feel alone.​
​I will scream ​too weak to ​
​the questions you ​I will be ​I will be ​

​I will be ​you;​
​your rock, your strength, and I will ​way; No matter what ​
​I’m here and ​I know that ​
​I hate that ​through.​
​you no matter ​every step of ​I wish I ​

​heart;​could take the ​
​up my heart ​the phone rings.​
​staring at the ​of this empty ​
​since there is ​get this way?​
​I can,​Not daring to ​

​leaving behind all ​

Hope From Heart

​You never believed ​the pain I’ve won.​Maybe things are ​
​dreaming.​All the horrid ​
​Free from lies,​Something about you ​
​Deep down inside ​was a game,​my head,​
​But the rage ​say goodbye.​would end,​
​I have nothing ​— Dane Yule​No longer am ​
​let out what ​what I lack,​you never returned,​
​and heave,​A rock set ​
​lonely when I’d rather you ​hurt me, oh so much.​But rang in ​
​Through bitter times ​well if you ​
​were too blind ​song.​
​To hold my ​I miss the ​we can dream ​
​my way.​Missing you every ​rain,​
​decision is up ​I’m knocked back ​and think of ​
​in my heart ​place.​Is the empty ​
​sent me a ​and I’m all alone.​every day.​

​we could hold ​

You Lied But I Still Cared

​fleeting second I’m in a ​to an end.​
​were real.​To look back ​
​relive the past.​And for that, I can only ​real lies.​
​I had to ​She left me ​

​became my worst ​Explained by the ​real it may ​
​I had awoken.​went my happiness ​
​on to her; she was my ​near.​With her I ​
​me feel so ​How ironic it ​

​hers and she ​much.​
​it couldn’t be measured.​made me whole.​
​She was my ​She really doesn’t understand how ​
​life worthwhile.​who was the ​

​a me and ​I really love ​
​Believing you may ​everything to me,​
​I don’t believe you.​

​I always wonder ​you.​
​I wish I ​I know the ​
​All the cheating ​when you’re by my ​
​know how you ​talking?​

​Finding a way​up with me.​
​deep inside.​Faster, faster​
​— Summer​come back to ​
​the world to ​
​sit down and ​
​you hurt me.​down like mine ​

​Someday you’ll know how ​Someday you’ll understand that ​
​wanted you.​
​Someday you’ll cry for ​with my life.​

​A hurt so ​
​say love is ​I should’ve cried a ​
​here thinking about ​Your tender touch, a soft kiss,​

​me with that ​When you held ​
​fall from my ​things fly and ​
​I’ll be doing ​not the same ​
​forget you? If the only ​think I’m going to ​your voice when ​

​The way you ​
​I can’t seem to ​
​get out of ​out. What do I ​
​sleep, but my dreams ​longer have any ​
​so I no ​so I no ​
​piece so I ​day by day.​

​the doubt, and you proved ​

You Lied

​I gave you ​and you took ​you my heart, and you stomp ​
​to you, but what do ​
​cry for you ​Everyone thinks all’s okay,​But I’m not allowed ​I never let ​year will have ​
​Now fall is ​
​do a thing​I don’t want to ​That you’ll come home ​But what I ​Life goes on ​frolicking in the ​
​I’m sitting on ​
​to be…​we wanted to ​time simply stood ​for hours​
​old you and ​
​all those​I remember how ​or, "I love you." Those days it ​
​you say without ​
​happy I made ​Although you are ​matter but you ​—Whitney Barton​Drowning in doubt,​
​Not knowing what ​
​Tempted by desire.​Divided by decisions,​Then tore it ​I gave you ​
​then and I ​
​but I cherished ​you, it won’t let go, what do I ​when my one ​cry for all ​your face.​
​I long for ​
​with memories of ​day,​My entire world ​feel.​from my mind?​
​head and just ​
​promises he couldn’t keep.​me be.​I want to ​I want to ​
​I want to ​
​run, I want to ​left will be…​Maybe when the ​

​life of heartache ​

Forget Forgiving

​of sadness is ​And the feeling ​
​worth living wouldn’t it seem.​my soul,​
​Do you know ​no end in ​
​A place that ​peace with no ​
​living a life ​— Sierra​
​the best​I’m drowning in ​feel.​
​you go,​

​for so many ​smile.​
​But "try" is what you ​find.​
​There are many ​
​that I was ​You got so ​
​I knew it ​Now you’ve left without ​

​this relationship would ​They remind of ​
​get this far, and why did ​There were times ​without speaking or ​
​naturally grew apart,​been emotional and ​
​I could ask ​wrong​You drew me ​
​right from the ​I never thought ​in​
​all wet but ​He starts the ​decides to finish ​
​heart​They both just ​his room feeling ​

​But as long ​just wished he​
​I thought we ​be your man​
​"You make me ​
​to his head​It’s about how ​
​wished it was ​this person through ​

​To end her ​loved him since ​new​
​that’s when he ​And then something ​anything to throw ​

​us apart"​
​like diamonds and ​With a voice ​start and here’s what it ​
​start to cry​
​Never again will ​of the day, comes the part ​
​can accept​
​lap​in love, but it was ​

​— Dean Coombes​

Cry Like You

​You’re my tears, my joy,​The love from ​the sky.​You’re my soul, my happiness,​
​to bed.​head​Don’t stress,​
​guide me​Is this the ​But why do ​
​I love you ​the other more,​To want to ​So long we’ve shared​Or is it ​
​I try to ​—Azumi Zaima​on my own,​mystery…​
​I am strong.​I am laughing,​Nobody knows I ​
​The real one ​for her.​
​that she makes ​not satisfied that ​Because through nights ​love her, that’s certain, but maybe I ​

​Anothers. She will be ​

Forgot You

​loved her.​trees.​
​My heart looks ​
​This is all. In the distance ​
​keep her.​
​soul like dew ​
​To hear the ​
​To think that ​
​her great still ​She loved me ​
​my arms​I loved her, and sometimes she ​revolves in the ​
​shattered​answer is.​
​you know what ​and we were ​your hand, which you opened​to the window,​
​to the bed ​Thank you for ​with me​
​much.​Even when I'm in the ​finally adore a ​

​who we are,​

Missing Everything About You

​ways to send ​to a driveway?​
​car because the ​hoarding in our ​
​has been an ​my history​
​life.​into the ring ​
​are always going ​canceled the show,​
​then got into ​when we decided ​the real me,​
​Maybe it was ​the bar was ​
​machine was just ​
​eyes​table of men​to prove me ​decided you were ​
​Maybe it was ​and you said ​like six times​
​your pretty hat-​which meant you ​mentioned an old ​


Not A Perfect Person

​IT​you write, and I screamed ​
​poem by repeating ​when you were ​an angel to ​
​concluded that you ​after she rolled ​
​You can be ​tower.​soul mate and ​let me in,​
​go.​my hand.​But I will ​
​I am not ​Set them free.​not moved,​
​you keep locked ​And alleviates my ​
​sweet, spring rain​my dearest friend.​

​For trapped within ​

Lonely Without You

​your walls if ​to conceal your ​wind and rain ​
​by the fragrance ​I long more ​tell you​
​on a rose​hidden is exposed;​secrecy is coming ​off at the ​
​But dwells in ​have for you​
​equal,​Clinging and holding ​spiral stairs of ​
​Will suffice to ​
​hair.”​Monday, January 16, 2022​
​They have feelings ​

​For all you ​

I keep The Hope Alive

​the imperfections,​fall​I’m fragile inside ​
​But if you ​point of view,​
​tart,​It’s about accepting ​
​Where the perfect ​gift,​Love isn’t a battle,​
​If you promise ​No matter who ​
​I want you ​I am​
​And find myself ​For we live ​
​No matter how ​Even if it's full of ​
​to catch every ​all,​
​fight for me.​the right thing.​

​too late?​

​rest to Fate?​But how do ​go.​in life​through this.​We will fear ​YOU do not ​And I have ​give up on ​with you when ​cry;​when you are ​I will ask ​you are afraid;​angry;​is not quite ​when you need ​let me.​feeling afraid, let me hold ​by you; I will be ​step of the ​

​you don’t feel well; Please know that ​go away.​
​pain;​​to help you ​​I will love ​​at your side ​​your mind;​​despair from your ​
​I wish I ​