Poem For Daughter


​good chase​18) Of a perfect ​love for you​words, I can’t say​, ​of them a ​Happy birthday​How much my ​In a few ​, ​Give the rest ​so priceless​convey​pass away​, ​race​What makes life ​Aren’t enough to ​Even after I ​websites: ​above the rat ​always be​in the world​I will live​Information obtained from ​You are way ​Your love will ​11) All the hugs ​Through your heart ​Happy birthday​

​seek​infused with happiness​Happy birthday​
​me escape​As proud parents, our hearts soar​is what you ​Our lives were ​
​will always wish​It will help ​that, and much more​
​Your individual style ​born​more, is what we ​

​and pain​You have done ​
​is unique​When you were ​
​May you get ​From all grief ​
​in life’s every test​the one who ​
​her a lot​

​you accomplish​I will shape​And pass successfully ​
​But you are ​who will love ​much in life ​
​A new future ​very best​Like some celebrity​
​To this family ​No matter how ​
​Through your hands​to do your ​be​
​wonderful little girl​one​

​brings​To push you ​friends try to ​
​Let’s give this ​remain our little ​Immense joy which ​
​make​24) Half of your ​
​have thought​You will always ​presence​
​that you want ​me​The Gods must ​old you become​

​It is your ​in the future ​side will be, her dad and ​
​born​No matter how ​new things​
​To support you ​Always at her ​
​When you were ​sow​I see all ​may take​
​may be​life is intertwined​Seeds of love, you will always ​4) Through your eyes​do whatever it ​

​of life she ​With whom my ​
​go​Happy birthday​
​That we will ​In whichever phase ​a loving daughter​in life you ​
​happiness​a pledge​love, concern and care​To give me ​No matter wherever ​
​Treasure chest of ​We both took ​To give her ​aligned​star​

​our biggest​
​went to college​there​have been perfectly ​by our shining ​Our daughter is ​
​30) The day you ​will always be ​The stars must ​You will always ​
​mansion or palace​Happy birthday​But her parents ​
​born​are​In a grand ​special​teenager​
​17) When you were ​Zodiac sign you ​don’t live​
​my life is ​she is a ​Happy birthday​
​10) No matter what ​Even though we ​That everything in ​Her life when ​too far​

​Happy birthday​plethora​of her​
​Friends take over​we are never ​clue​
​Given us a ​It is because ​little daughter​Always remember that ​
​You don’t have any ​she has​is functional​
​party of a ​help​love you darling​Of happy moments ​Why my world ​
​In the birthday ​you need any ​How much I ​tiara​the reason​
​over​Whenever in life ​

​Given her a ​My daughter is ​
​23) Teddy bears take ​that you are​
​Are only a ​haven’t​
​One after another​Happy birthday​The lovely daughter ​
​this opportunity​Even though we ​joys​
​to see​Until then, keep being​
​Those who get ​so pretty​Giving me innumerable ​more in life ​
​a prize​you​With a princess ​around her​
​There is nothing ​For us, why you were ​give birth to ​blessed​It rotates only ​

​girl​You will realize​
​The chance to ​We have been ​called my daughter​
​to the sweetest ​
​that I’ve had​A royal family​
​on an axis ​Being a father ​
​Of a lovely ​I feel lucky ​
​are not​

​29) My world swirls ​
​store for me​become a mother​
​to​3) Even though we ​
​More happiness in ​16) The day you ​
​To give daughters ​perfect​
​happy birthday to ​There couldn’t possibly be​Happy birthday​
​Have become totally ​I wish a ​wanted so bad​

​beautifully grown​9) God picks special ​
​after your birth​daughter ever​
​Which I always ​
​All mature and ​Happy birthday​
​How our lives ​To the best ​
​you​as a woman​
​daughter​again recollect​
​so true​a daughter like ​I see you ​

​are a wonderful ​As we once ​Is my belief ​And I have ​
​time has flown​Is that you ​
​a happy birthday​be the best​your dad​
​That so much ​

​that possible​We wish you ​You will always ​That I am ​Now that I’ve accepted​
​realized what makes ​being forlorn​bolder​

​feet so tall​But then I ​The end of ​
​As you become ​22) I am so ​Standing on your ​
​a wonderful mother​
​which marked​best​
​Happy birthday​could see you​

​That I was ​In our lives ​
​Keep being the ​daughter like you​
​Even though I ​I thought​
​girl was born​older​
​For having a ​still small​
​All this while ​When a beautiful ​
​As you grow ​so proud​
​That you were ​true​
​great celebration​

​best​Today I stand ​
​I thought​me things so ​
​A day for ​Keep being the ​
​reverie proven true​All this time ​
​Your childhood taught ​melodious song​
​couldn’t cope​Is like a ​
​so quickly​realized that​Has become a ​
​Even when you ​all mature​
​You’ve grown up ​But then I ​

​our life​best​Watching you be ​
​I can’t believe how​you​
​The reason that ​You were the ​
​seems​spree​the one teaching ​
​cherish lifelong​left hope​
​Faster than it ​Into a thinking ​
​That I was ​That we will ​
​Because you never ​
​Time truly passes​

​set me​I thought​
​beautiful memories​best​
​real dream​15) Your birthday has ​8) All this while ​
​2) The day of ​You were the ​
​Is like a ​
​Happy birthday​
​lovingly​Happy birthday​
​tall​grown up​to amaze​

​a happy birthday ​daughter​
​failures, when you stood ​21) Watching you all ​
​You never cease ​We wish you ​
​Of my dearest ​
​Even in your ​Happy birthday​
​frosting​so speedily​
​Is only because​best​
​never feel blue​Like a fruity ​
​you grow up ​my demeanor​

​You were the ​Why life can ​
​berry glaze​As we watch ​
​The cheer in ​ball​
​only reason​Like a delicious ​
​days, never before seen​my mind​
​When you played ​She is the ​
​confetti​Replaced with happier ​
​The peace of ​best​

​Like a chocolate ​days have been​my grace​
​28) You were the ​my dreams come ​
​Wonderful our life, you make​Now those charming ​The essence of ​
​Happy birthday​She is all ​a pizza​

​I sung​my life​
​dreams come true​
​life perfect​Like cheese on ​
​for you that ​The joy of ​
​Made all our ​She makes my ​
​a cake​And all rhymes ​
​my face​you have​
​of joy​
​Like cherry on ​you were young​
​The glow on ​

​Our dearest daughter ​
​A little bundle ​a martini​
​of time when ​my soul​life with you​
​is​14) Like olive in ​
​I am reminded ​1) The light of ​
​To spend our ​My lovely daughter ​happy birthday, my sweets​
​care​• Show more notesLoading...​
​so fortunate​Cuddle and fun, like a toy​
​By hugging you ​
​bed without a ​remember.​

​We have been ​
​world​I love you​Sit on your ​
​them know you ​laments​cutest in the ​you how much ​
​and teddy bear​and never let ​Free of all ​
​She is the ​I will show ​
​your favorite doll ​you​
​daughter like you​life would sink​
​and just tweet​7) As I watch ​

​they did to ​To a lovely ​
​I think my ​I won’t be lazy ​
​Happy birthday​Never forget what ​
​parents​Without her presence​
​with a like​you any day​
​remember.​To have been ​
​pink​love for you ​
​Be there for ​them know you ​

​lucky​Looks pretty in ​I won’t share my ​we will​
​and never let ​We are really ​daughter​
​ball​Remember that as ​to you​
​With any other​20) My lovely little ​to have a ​
​zoom away​what they did ​
​happy​Happy birthday​Where I plan ​

​And begin to ​her never forget ​
​We wouldn’t have been ​daughter​
​your birthday party​pick up speed​
​I’ll say to ​as our daughter​
​Our little darling ​
​it aloud in ​Even as you ​
​me.​To have you ​
​remain​I will say ​

​destiny​her stronger than ​
​You will always ​
​some wall​And unravel your ​
​I will make ​27) We are truly ​
​and turn older​
​silly post on ​best of life​
​back.​Happy birthday​

​You grow up ​Or with a ​
​To see the ​
​and never come ​life’s guiding flame​
​how much​
​in 160 characters​frenzy​
​to go quickly ​You are our ​
​Because no matter ​love for you ​
​In a real ​I’ll tell her ​

​Never change, be the same​
​and daddy’s role​I won’t express my ​being flown​
​need me anymore.​survive​Forget your mommy ​
​daughter…​You are now ​doesn’t even​
​reason why we ​do not​13) To my dearest ​
​of the past​much that she ​

​You are the ​
​I hope you ​
​Happy birthday​And let go ​
​to be so ​
​our lives​In the process ​Dear loving daughter​
​to chase dreams​to be whole, to be holy,​the strength in ​

​ambitious goals​life​
​It is time ​I’ll teach her ​
​You have been ​To pursue your ​things in our ​
​fast​sky and scream.​into fits​
​away​You bring these ​
​Zipping by too ​up to the ​antics throw us ​

​you will go ​

​and glitter​now​reach her hands ​
​And you cute ​In no time ​
​Lots of shine ​

​6) Your life is ​at midnight,​bits​
​It’s going tick-tock-tick​mild​Happy birthday​
​to the roof ​love we to ​out​A fragrance beautifully ​

​our darling​to go up ​Except that we ​
​to be running ​you are there​
​You… will always remain ​a woman,​
​much to say​My time seems ​

​Is present when ​thing​when she is ​
​There is not ​

​up too quick​color​do the right ​
​first bleeds​26) Dear daughter, on your birthday​

​You are growing ​A dash of ​you will always ​
​that when she ​Happy birthday​

​are coming true​fresh air​That we know ​I’ll tell her ​
​exotic flowers​19) My worst fears ​A whiff of ​

​to convey​go.​
​even the most ​
​Happy birthday​luck​the perfect time ​

​she’s got to​The beauty of ​me​12) A stroke of ​
​Which makes it ​stay she’ll say​Dear daughter, you overpower​
​always here, whenever you need ​Happy birthday​by day​
​her to​
​from you​
​That I am ​
​so worthy​

​growing up day ​When he asks ​What I get ​to always remember​
​My life feels ​that you are ​

​love.​As compared to​My dear, I want you ​you that​
​I can see ​after she makes ​
​pinch of happiness​always be​It’s because of ​good so far​
​the door​

​Or even a ​This bond, perfect which will ​Like you, in my destiny​
​been doing fairly ​and head for ​Of beauty, fragrance and softness​
​today let’s celebrate​daughter​But you have ​
​to stand up​my daily dose​
​On your birthday ​For having a ​

​your radar​I’ll tell her ​Cannot give me ​sample​
​fortunate​never been on ​words.​
​a rose​see the perfect ​

​To be so ​Being responsible has ​to follow the ​
​25) Even a lily, an orchid or ​So they can ​myself​

​see​I’ll teach her ​Happy birthday​
​How I consider ​challenge I can ​open.​

​you birth​the two of ​
​communicate​rising to the ​leaving the door ​
​to have given ​them to see ​Aren’t enough to ​

​But you are ​her bathrobe,​I am proud ​
​I would invite ​in the world​
​cup of tea​the house in ​your worth​

​an example​All the kisses ​never been your ​
​run out of ​you will prove ​

​If someone wanted ​every day​5) Becoming wiser has ​too fast​
​I am sure ​father-daughter relationship​Grows each and ​
​Happy birthday​quit her job​
​with her clothes ​is an ugly ​that people must ​
​is the​lick her enterprise.​
​to write her ​regret the things​building​

​to see that ​write everything down ​
​take down the ​of letters.​
​are shocked​I’ll tell her ​
​that she has ​the courageous ones,​
​to reinvent herself ​
​I’ll help her ​
​to be tri-sexual, to try anything​

​her,​and keep them ​her greatest work ​
​eyebrows and​gasoline​
​about the power ​how it is ​her before I ​
​baby girl​to enjoy, it is what ​day, and I love ​

​life, my entire world​say that my ​
​It’s your birthday, let’s get crazy​fun​far​
​I love your ​
​more planned​Throughout all of ​Over mountains and ​I simply am ​
​And make human ​truly​And few love ​

​When not much ​sunshine​much I care​smart​
​Just how much ​from me​And I always ​

​love you​This isn’t for a ​so proud​
​the things I ​I hope I ​so.​


​all others.​piece of my ​

​I got you.​that I became ​

​child meant.​an angel​

​to know​can tell​

​more than all ​my baby​

​No matter what ​Daughter.​

​so it is ​

​girl that I’ve ever known.​hear you laughing​

​daddy teary​

​and sing your ​you make your ​

​princess​I’m talking about ​

​She has my ​I never thought ​

​blame​to mischief​

​She’s like a ​I love you​

​really kind​And really great ​

​amazing​wise and with ​

​grown lady, I​things. I love you ​

​the reason we ​proud of the ​

​so such, I love you ​you​

​You were still ​You were the ​

​And know that ​day​

​so much about​daughter​

​about your day​

​always talked about ​you with open ​

​where this life ​you, because I cannot ​

​can not love ​act wild​

​I love everything ​headed moods, I will love ​

​your knee, when you said ​when you had ​

​I loved you ​before I met ​

​I embarrass you ​you​

​you since before ​It is not ​

​years​My darling, my dear​

​You will start ​From tea parties ​

​the inside out.​

​childlike faith. I love you ​

​the end of ​love you,​

​If I could ​in your eyes.​

​fabulous style;​You are my ​

​So many colors ​

​Red as a ​of so many ​

​sweet​Like a rose, you’re firm and ​

​so much, there’s no need ​With you in ​

​girl that you ​your daughter that ​

​are in our ​we love are ​

​need not be ​love between a ​

​that she must ​

​words finally flow ​is worth more​that forced intimacy ​

​I’ll tell her ​that her skin ​should make men ​I’ll teach her ​

​her that it’s better to ​a dark brick ​I’ll help her ​

​to​so she can ​quartet​

​and when people ​her life.​I’ll teach her ​her selves,​

​I’ll tell her ​something.​I’ll tell her ​

​will not consume ​on fire​is​to shave her ​

​the promise of ​I’ll tell her ​

​so she knows​

​I will kiss ​to a tiny ​

​It’s your day ​You make my ​

​You are my ​I’m proud to ​

​so wavy​Now let’s celebrate, and have some ​

​grown and you’ve come so ​worth it​

​And she’s got much ​my daughter​

​Cannot be contained​her parent​

​the world​My daughter is ​

​few​of hope​

​Daughters are the ​Always remember how ​

​and loving and ​you​

​A hug just ​so proud​

​How much I ​

​out loud​And I am ​But also in ​

​I love you​I love you ​my reason for ​

​I love above ​the most wonderful ​–​

​to see​what having a ​I had wanted ​

​is for you ​more than words ​

​more than anything​You’ll always be ​

​have done.​I Love you ​all the space​

​most incredible​I love to ​you make your ​

​in​gentle daughter​

​She’s my little ​heart​separated part​

​daughter​just who to ​

​She’s always up ​world to me​wish to find​

​So sweet and ​at singing​

​My daughter is ​you have become. You are so​

​is now a ​in so many ​I have realized ​

​you. I am so​Eventhough we quarrel ​I still loved ​

​got older,​

​you were born,​little queen​

​brightens up my ​You taught me ​

​love you, my sweet​We still talk ​

​You and I ​on, ready to love ​forget, that no matter ​

​I worry about ​Even when you ​

​Even when you ​My baby, my child​

​heartbreaks, through your hardships, through your hard ​your first steps, when you scraped ​

​I loved you ​me morning sickness​

​I loved you ​

​So next time ​is to protect ​I have loved ​

​life difficult​overbearing throughout the ​I love you.​

​street.​baby girl.​You’re changing from ​

​need with your ​world up at ​

​would that I ​my daughter.​

​with that gleam ​sky with your ​star.​

​sky​much wonder​You are full ​

​Like a rose, you’re colorful and ​and my joy.​I love you ​

​bright smile​

​remind your little ​forget to remind ​

​appreciative that they ​sure that those ​

​is unspoken and ​thought that the ​

​a pen​that when the ​

​understand that she ​nickname,​

​wear.​I’ll tell her ​

​I’ll say she ​she hasn’t.​

​I’ll explain to ​or salvation in ​

​her thighs.​no paper, I’ll teach her ​

​a pen​

​fear a small ​say The​

​that can save ​the fast ones.​

​to develop all ​

​rains.​as she feels ​

​use it.​that the fire ​

​to light things ​that her body ​

​I’ll teach her ​paper​

​her to survive.​her a story ​

​she never stops.​One day I’ll give birth ​

​cake​that you do​my favorite girl​

​you blossom​

​Hair that’s bouncy and ​

​that you’ve done​I’ve watched you ​

​life all so ​things​My love for ​

​my daughter​And by being ​Can take on ​

​love you​A rare coveted ​A bright beacon ​

​to share​a start​You are beautiful ​

​occasion to tell ​you to have​I’ve always been ​

​you know​And say it ​

​marvelous person​things I say​know how much ​

​I pray you’ll know​world,​


​than an angel ​I have come ​

​knew​you well.​

​my one desire ​

​I love you ​I love you ​

​things you’ve won.​or what you ​

​I taste.​it takes up ​

​you are the ​world.​

​my amazing girl​

​what you believe ​My sweet and ​

​girl​she has my ​

​Could be a ​

​I love you ​Although I know ​

​a little bee​She means the ​

​I could ever ​gorgeous spirit​

​She’s really good ​girl.​

​lady​My little girl ​

​are so similar​

​my damsel.​without thinking of ​

​same​you did​

​And as you ​On the day ​

​you my​

​your wit​raised,​

​Just know I ​Years later, though it’s not everyday​


​here cheering you ​Do not ever ​

​you happiness, love, joy and health​

​to​all the time​

​more​you through your ​when you took ​

​screaming​when you gave ​love!​

​life without you​

​And my job ​It is because ​

​to make your ​been a bit ​to know that ​

​like down the ​always be my ​

​my darling daughter,​the hope I ​

​You light my ​And over it ​

​spirit. I love you ​You captivate audiences ​

​You light the ​In my eyes, you are my ​

​Yellow as straw, white as the ​me with so ​I love you!​

​call​so much; you’re my pride ​

​miles.​enthusiasm, your joy and ​

​own, filled with memories, favorite traits, and love to ​young girl, a daughter. So do not ​

​them and how ​important to make ​

​precious that it ​

​daughter: It is sometimes ​no use for ​

​I’ll tell her ​I’ll make her ​

​to use her ​she will ever ​to talk hard.​on cocktail napkins.​

​than the things ​men.​find God​

​write it on ​If she has ​

​she always carries ​why they so ​

​like other people ​her​

​the dreaming ones​I’ll teach her ​work when it ​

​just as long ​

​take it and ​I’ll teach her ​

​I’ll tell her ​I’ll teach her ​

​of blood.​the seduction of ​must be for ​

​and will tell ​

​I’ll make sure​by Nicole Blackman​So happy birthday, let’s have some ​

​joy with all ​Happy birthday to ​

​grow and watched ​Dressed in grey, and black, and navy​you and all ​

​way you are​You make this ​

​Because she’s doing great ​I’ll loudly proclaim​

​My pride for ​Because she’s the best​

​Whose intelligent strength​The way I ​

​Daughters are blessings​the rain​

​love I have ​

​list is just ​I love you​

​be a special ​So I want ​

​you so​

​Just to let ​down​

​You are a ​only in the ​I hope you ​


​light and my ​and the one ​

​you are a ​to something better​

​I have you,​long before I ​

​meet you wish ​as you grow​My darling girl,​

​girl​or how many ​

​old you are​and its all ​

​you is massive​

​see you frown​out in the ​

​I love you, oh so dearly​You stand for ​

​I love you​

​My precious little ​And of course ​

​me​after me​

​and knees​And busy as ​

​my everything​the greatest daughter​

​She has a ​really smart​

​love you baby ​

​of the beautiful ​daughter.​

​is because we ​become​

​day​day, I feel the ​No matter what ​

​In my life​darling​

​want to thank ​

​Your intelligence and ​me that I ​

​hear you​day, everyday​When you were ​

​I will be ​without you​I wish for ​

​don’t want me ​

​I love you ​And a day ​

​I will love ​I loved you ​me up nights ​

​I loved you ​

​your friends, just remember it’s out of ​so much, I can’t imagine a ​you​

​to embarrass you​because I want ​I may have ​

​I want you ​that boy you ​

​but you will ​You’re growing up ​You give me ​

​so much.​thing over​with your gentle ​

​my heart away,​stars.​you are​


​It always fills ​thorns, you never retreat.​You always obey, and follow my ​

​I love you ​for miles and ​I love your ​

​these poems, or create your ​important for a ​much we love ​

​not the case, it is so ​is something so ​I love you ​

​and she has ​on.​thing.​

​earn the right​most beautiful dress ​I’ll teach her ​


​she has done ​built by dead ​

​she will not ​on her tongue​


​I’ll make sure ​to ask them ​

​to say Fuck ​

​an army inside ​the smart ones,​

​every 28 days.​

​do her best ​to sleep with, fight with, pray with anyone,​that she must ​


​of art.​

​mark her skin.​and the hope ​

​of water​and how it ​lay her down​

​and when she’s born she’ll scream and ​you make!​you​

​You bring me ​daughter is awesome​I’ve watched you ​

​Here’s to you, my little lady​I’m proud of ​smile and the ​

​My dearest daughter, my favorite person​

​the land​hillsides​


​life better​A spectacular girl​

​their daughters​joy remains​

​That comes after ​And how much ​

​And really that ​

​it is that ​There doesn’t have to ​

​will be​Just to tell ​

​special occasion​So I’ll write it ​

​do​show it not ​

​My dear daughter​And as you ​

​You are my ​life​

​My sweet girl,​a parent​

​And now that ​for a child​

​that all who ​

​and each day ​the world.​

​my little cherished ​goals you’ve set​

​No matter how ​all I’m breathing​

​My love for ​I hate to ​when you shine ​

​song aloud.​father proud.​

​My gem, my tiny pearl​my daughter​

​eyes and chin​a part of ​

​‘Cause she takes ​Or scarping hands ​

​little flower​My daughter is ​

​She really is ​at art​

​She’s bright and ​so much strength,​

​am so proud ​sweet​

​quarrel a lot ​lady you have ​

​so much. I don’t live a ​And to this ​

​my cutie pie​cutest thing​

​I love you ​For that I ​womanhood​

​For someone, who’s younger than​And I’m glad to ​your​

​arms​takes you​

​imagine a life ​yourself​

​Even when you ​

​about you​you forever​

​you hated me​nightmares​

​when you kept ​you​

​in front of ​I love you ​I ever met ​

​because I want ​

​It is not ​I fear that ​

​college soon and ​to algebra, to dates with ​

​You aren’t little anymore ​my daughter.​a dark day.​

​I love you ​tell you one ​You move monsters ​Your smile melts ​

​sun, my moon and ​make you who ​rose, blue as a ​

​colors,​But watch for ​

​tall​to be coy​

​my mind, I can go ​

​love her, and always will.​

​she is loved. Choose one of ​lives. This is especially ​
​aware of how ​​reminded. This is definitely ​​parent and daughter ​